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2 DVD SET: LE AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO (The Adventures of Pinocchio) (1972) * with switchable English and Italian subtitles *

Andrea Balestri: Pinocchio Nino Manfredi: Geppetto Gina Lollobrigida: The Fairy with Turquoise Hair Franco Franchi: Cat Ciccio Ingrassia: Fox Lionel Stander (dubbed by Antonio Guidi): Mangiafuoco Domenico Santoro (dubbed by an unknown boy from Livorno): Lucignolo Vittorio De Sica: The Judge Ugo D'Alessio (dubbed by Riccardo Billi): Mastro Ciliegia Orazio Orlando: The Marshal Bruno Bassi : Theodore Mario Adorf: The Ringmaster Mario Scaccia: First doctor Jacques Herlin (dubbed by Stefano Satta Flores): Second doctor Carlo Bagno (dubbed by Antonio Guidi): Melampo's owner Riccardo Billi: The Coachman Enzo Cannavale: The Innkeeper Zoe Incrocci: The Snail Maid Nerina Montagnani: The Marten Renzo Montagnani: Tuna (voice) Mario Ercolani: Farmer Carmine Torre: River Fisherman Piero Gentili: First Carabinieri Mimmo Olivieri: Second Carabinieri Paola Natale: Laundress Mario Narcisi: Janitor Vera Drudi: Female Puppeteer Orlando D'Ubaldo: Ragpicker Fredo Pistoni: Fishermen Antonio Danesi: Mangiafuoco's Coachman Christmas Siddi: Female Beggar Simone Santo: Hen (voice) Enzo Cannavale: Waiter Furio Meniconi: Farmer Giuseppe Caffarelli: Carabiniere Caliano Sbarra: Pinocchio's Cellmate Pino Ferrara: Fishermen Clara Colosimo: Emporium Mistress Luciano De Ritis: Truant Officer Syria Betti: Lucignolo's Mother Nazzareno Caldarelli: Dounut Maker Ferdinando Murolo: Mason Luigi Leoni: The Teacher Pietro Fuselli: The School's Director Mario Colombaioni: Donkey Buyer Walter Richter: Drum Manufacturer

An Italian mini-series (but co-produced by several European TV stations) shot in the 1970s that tells the story of Pinocchio. This is a film faithful to the novel, with actors that go far beyond the sweetened heartless and childish versions that Hollywood has been producing since the 1940s. The film/mini-series has all the elements of the best Italian Neorealism, and, in fact, the background is an unsweetened sad and poor 1860s Italy, in which, however, magic and hope are everywhere, in the poorest of the settings, in the saddest, most lonely heart. This magic and this hope carry the viewer along the harshness of Pinocchio and Geppetto's despair, separation, dramas, failure, and final success. The characters, the mood of the movie, the dresses, the music are all fabulous, superbly constructed and presented. 

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English and Italian subtitles. Approx. 320 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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