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VIVEMENT CE SOIR (1985) * with switchable English subtitles *

Marco Badot ... Supermarket Employee Jean-Marie Buchet Jean-Marie Buchet ... Butcher Luc de Smet Luc de Smet Gerald Dederen Gerald Dederen ... Supermarket Employee Jean-Marie Degèsves Jean-Marie Degèsves Nicole Duret Nicole Duret Robert Lemaire Robert Lemaire Yolande Moreau Yolande Moreau ... Une cliente Raymond Pradel Raymond Pradel ... Chef de rayon Michèle Robson Michèle Robson

A day in a supermarket in the Brussels region. The story of this day’s little events, both comic and touching, provides the general framework of the film. The situations which are conveyed through an accumulation of quick, light touches, highlight some of the ways we behave in connection with food, the repetitive element in our gestures and movements in this everyday, enclosed world which is so familiar. The film is based on the observation of a supermarket and the people who shop or work there. More and more of their various personalities emerge in the course of the day. They all have their importance: we get to know them from the outside, like people in a group photo where each has his own place. All these individuals cross each other’s paths, meet each other, bump into each other again and fill in the framework of the film with a many-sided tableau.

DVD-R is in French with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 82 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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