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UNDER TEN FLAGS (1960) * with switchable Spanish and French subtitles *

Charles Laughton Admiral Russell Van Heflin Captain Bernhard Rogge Mylène Demongeot Zizi John Ericson Krüger Cecil Parker Col. Howard Alex Nicol Knoche Liam Redmond Windsor

In 1941, the British Admiralty is worried about the large number of Allied ships being destroyed in the Pacific Ocean by a mysterious enemy vessel. Initially, British Admiral Russell suspects that a German submarine is the culprit. However, the few revealed pieces of the mystery point to a German Navy surface warship. The British don't know it yet, but the enemy ship in question is the German raider Atlantis commanded by Captain Rogge. His success in sneaking upon unsuspecting enemy vessels is due in large part on Atlantis' ability to disguise itself as a benign, non-combatant, neutral ship. To achieve this ruse, the Atlantis uses props, camouflage, paint, fake foreign flags and even theatrical costumes for its crew to make itself appear something it's not. When the Atlantis is close to its prey, it reveals its true identity and opens fire sinking the duped victim. Finally realizing the truth, Admiral Russell decides to set traps in order to persuade the Atlantis to reveal its position to a task-force of British warships laying in ambush .But first, Admiral Russell must gain Atlantis' confidence by pretending he's sending messages from the German Navy High Command.

DVD-R is in English with switchable French and Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 87 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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