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TWO FILM DVD: L'HOMME DU LARGE (Man of the Sea) (1920) + LORNA DOONE (1922)

Jaque Catelain as Michel Roger Karl as Nolff Marcelle Pradot as Djenna Claire Prélia as La mère Charles Boyer as Guenn-la-Taupe Claude Autant-Lara as Un des copains Dimitri Dragomir as Un des copains Suzanne Doris as Lia Philippe Hériat as Le protecteur Lili Samuel as La lesbienne Georges Forois as Le pêcheur Pâquerette as La tenancière Madge Bellamy as Lorna Doone Mae Giraci as Lorna as a Child (credited as Mae Giracci) John Bowers as John Ridd Charles Hatton as John as a Child Frank Keenan as Sir Ensor Doone Jack McDonald as Counsellor Doone (credited as Jack MacDonald) Donald McDonald as Carver Doone Norris Johnson as Ruth, John's Cousin Gertrude Astor as Countess of Brandir (uncredited) James Robert Chandler as Frye (uncredited) Irene De Voss as Lorna's Mother (uncredited) Joan Standing as Gwenny Carfax (uncredited)

L'HOMME DU LARGE (Man of the Sea) (1920):

Nolff, a devout Breton fisherman, has taken a vow of silence and lives as a hermit beside the sea. No one comes near him, except a white-clad novice who brings him food. Years before: Full of contempt for mankind and life on land, Nolff built his house on a remote cliff, and devoted himself to his fishing and to his wife and children: his daughter Djenna, hard-working and dutiful; and his son Michel, whom he idolizes and is determined to bring up as "a free man, a sailor". But Michel is selfish and exploits his father's blind affection. The boy ends up hating the sea; he becomes addicted to the pleasures of the town, and lured into bad behavior by his friend Guenn-la-Taupe. 

DVD-R has French intertitles with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 58 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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In 17th-century England, an outlaw clan kidnaps a young girl, who grows up among them. The farm boy who met her just before the kidnapping eventually rescues her, and they fall in love.

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 85 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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