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THE SEA AND POISON (1986) * with switchable English subtitles *

Eiji Okuda as Suguro Ken Watanabe as Toda Takahiro Tamura as Professor Hashimoto Kyōko Kishida as Ohba, Head Nurse Mikio Narita as Shibata Shigeru Kōyama as Gondo Toshie Negishi as Ueda, Nurse Ken Nishida as Asai Masumi Okada as Hattori Noriko Sengoku as Old woman Kazunaga Tsuji [ja] as Murai Masane Tsukayama as Miyasaka

The movie (sometimes graphically) describes the use of eight downed American fliers as subjects of experimental surgical techniques at Kyushu University’s medical school and hospital in the summer of 1945, in the course of which all eight prisoners were murdered. Rather than deal with the surgeons involved, the movie focuses on two interns and two nurses. Suguro is the younger intern and the most self-flagellated of the group, eventually so horrified that he can’t continue to participate once the operation begins. Toda is a more hardened intern and more cynical about both the war and about medical practice in general. Ueda is a young nurse who decides to join for complex personal reasons, while the head nurse Oba holds to the idea that, for a nurse, the doctors can do no wrong.

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 123 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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