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THE LIVING AND THE DEAD (1964) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Kirill Lavrov as Ivan Sintsov Viktor Avdyushko as Sergeant Shestakov, commander of the gun Anatoli Papanov as General Serpilin Aleksei Glazyrin as Malinin Oleg Yefremov as Ivanov Lyudmila Krylova as Ovsyannikova Ludmila Lyubimova as Masha Sintsova Lev Lyubetskiy as Commissar Vasili Makarov as Nikolay Petrovich Zaichikov Roman Khomyatov as Lyusun Yevgeny Samoylov as Communist commander of a battalion Zinovy Vysokovsky as Mikhail Weinstein, military photographer Oleg Tabakov as Krutikov Boris Chirkov as Biryukov Mikhail Gluzsky as Major General Orlov Yevgeni Shutov as policeman Valentina Telegina as aunt Pasha Kulikova Mikhail Ulyanov as Sergei Filippovich, Army Commander Lyubov Sokolova as doctor (episode) Vladimir Vysotsky as soldier (episode) Alla Budnitskaya as Masha's friend

The beginning of the Great Patriotic War until the middle of the winter of 1941/42 is portrayed in this film. Ivan Sintsov is a correspondent with an army newspaper. The war starts while he is on vacation with his wife. He tries to return to his unit which is located in western Byelorussia; however, it is impossible, since the unit has been overrun by the advancing Germans. Near the town of Borisov, he meets another officer, also trying to reach his unit. They stop a car going in the direction they need. As the officer stops the car, a German air raid begins. A direct hit blows up the officer and the car he stops. Sintsov continues his journey alone. He is eventually assigned to a military newspaper, located in Mogilev and, later, another near Yelnia. The movie describes his work as a war correspondent during these trying times.

DVD-R is in Russian with hard-encoded English subtitles.  Approx. 197 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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