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ROSA DE ALFAMA (1953) * with switchable English, French, and Portuguese subtitles *

Alberto Ribeiro ... Captain José Mariana Villar Mariana Villar ... Rosa Maria Alves da Cunha Alves da Cunha ... Tomé Henrique Campos Henrique Campos ... Renato Alves da Costa Alves da Costa ... Malhado (spotted) Costinha Costinha ... Saramago Hanita Hallan Hanita Hallan ... Clara Aura Abranches Aura Abranches ... Mariana Barroso Lopes Barroso Lopes ... Batatinha (small potatoe) Gina Esteves Gina Esteves ... Emília Raul de Carvalho Raul de Carvalho ... Bacelar Rosa Silvestre Rosa Silvestre ... Lena Fernando Gusmão Fernando Gusmão ... Sailor Celestino Ribeiro Celestino Ribeiro ... Barber Henrique Pereira Henrique Pereira ... Customer at barbershop

In a Lisbon neighborhood, a young woman named Rosa falls in love with dandy Renato and gets pregnant. Her troubles begin once the young man refuses to assume his responsibilities. Therefore, to avoid social backlash, Rosa must marry ... and the most suitable husband appears to be her adoptive brother, José.

DVD-R is in Portuguese with switchable English, French, and Portuguese subtitles. Approx. 85 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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