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Richard Oswald Writers: Clifford Grey (scenario), Frank Miller (scenario) | 1 more credit » Stars: Joseph Schmidt, John Loder, Charlotte Ander

NOTE:  This is the English-language version of the film, Ein Lied geht um die Welt, which was put out a year earlier in 1933.  This longer version was filmed in the United Kingdom and has different co-stars than the original film.

Singing star Joseph Schmidt plays the unknown tenor Ricardo, who shares a small apartment in Venice with the musical clown Rigo.  After unsuccessfully trying to land a part on the stage, Ricardo tries his luck with radio.  At first, he is turned away; but instead of going, Ricardo begins to sing.  He is immediately offered a contract and his recordings quickly make him famous.  In a record store, Ricardo gets to know the music-loving salesperson Nina, who becomes friends with him and Rigo.  When Ricardo comes to the realization, that Nina does indeed love his voice, but that her heart belongs to Rigo, the two men's friendship is damaged.  Soon after, Rigo has to appear without Ricardo, but before he disgraces himself, Ricardo shows up and saves the show with his singing.  The two friends reconcile, for Ricardo is less concerned with his own selfish needs now, but would rather make everyone else happy with his singing.  

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 82 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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