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LA MORT DU CYGNE (The Death of the Swan) (1937) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Jean Benoît-Lévy Writers: Paul Morand (novel), Jean Benoît-Lévy (screenplay) Yvette Chauviré ... Mademoiselle Beaupré (as Yvette Chauviré première danseuse de l'Opéra) Mia Slavenska Mia Slavenska ... Nathalie Karine (as Mia Slavenska danseuse étoile du Théâtre National de Yougoslavie) Janine Charrat Janine Charrat ... Rose Souris France Ellys France Ellys ... Madame Souris (as France-Ellys) Jean Périer Jean Périer ... Le directeur Mady Berry Mady Berry ... Célestine Suzanne Guémard Suzanne Guémard ... L'inspectrice Mauricette Cebron Mauricette Cebron ... Le maîtresse de danse (Professeur à l'Opéra) Claire Gérard Claire Gérard ... Madame Bijou Jacqueline Quéffelec Jacqueline Quéffelec ... Coco Battut (as Jacqueline Queffelec) Micheline Boudet Micheline Boudet ... Clara Bijou Florence Luchaire Florence Luchaire ... Flo-Flo Claude Naudès Claude Naudès ... La Mouche (as Claude Naud) Marguerite Bailly Marguerite Bailly ... Madame Battut O. Boboli O. Boboli ... Madame Laroche

Young dance student Janine Charrat idolizes her teacher Yvette Chauvire and will do anything to help Chauvire further herself. Thus, when rival ballerina Mia Slavenska lands a much-coveted role, Charrat arranges an accident, causing Slavenska to break her leg. The girl comes to regret her rash behavior, when it appears as though Slavenska will never dance again.

DVD-R is in French with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 82 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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