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Carol Dempster Inga Neil Hamilton Paul Helen Lowell Grandmother Erville Alderson The Professor Marcia Harris The Aunt Frank Puglia Theodor Hans Adalbert Schlettow Leader of the Workers

Among the thousands of refugees who flock to Berlin at the end of the First World War is the family of a Polish professor and what follows is a terrific struggle for existence. They manage to get a place to live, but their combined resources and the high prices of food during the Great Inflation result in their only being able to get a potato each. Thus, for long periods of time, they have to subsist on horse turnips. Despite this, the love of one son, Paul, for his cousin Inga is so great that they are determined to overcome all obstacles. Inga works overtime in one place and collects a pitiful supply of things for their new home; Paul builds a little hut and finds a little allotment where he grows enough potatoes to keep them through the winter. All is rosy and they start to harvest their little crop, but they are followed by workmen who have been made beasts through hunger.

DVD-R is a silent film with English intertitles. Approx. 115 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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