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HUNTER IN THE DARK (1979) * with switchable English and Italian subtitles *

Tatsuya Nakadai ... Gomyo Kiyoemon Yoshio Harada Yoshio Harada ... Yataro Tanigawa Ayumi Ishida Ayumi Ishida ... Oriwa Keiko Kishi Keiko Kishi ... Omon Ai Kanzaki Ai Kanzaki ... Osaki Kayo Matsuo Kayo Matsuo ... Oren Tetsurô Tanba Tetsurô Tanba ... Okitsugu Tanuma Hajime Hana Hajime Hana ... Hanba Kôji Yakusho Kôji Yakusho ... Kuwano Hideo Murota Hideo Murota ... Hino Daisuke Mine Daisuke Mine ... Someyoshi Tatsuo Umemiya Tatsuo Umemiya ... Kawazu Mikio Narita Mikio Narita ... Gosun Makoto Fujita Makoto Fujita ... Kasuke Hideji Ôtaki Hideji Ôtaki ... Shiba Yoshi Katô Yoshi Katô ... Zenzaemon Eijirô Tôno Eijirô Tôno ... Shogen Isao Natsuyagi Isao Natsuyagi ... Sharaku

An aging Yakuza boss in the the late 18th century runs a thriving lantern and silk dying business. However, he is also a Hunter in the Dark, a shady underworld figure, who unravels a mystery about a rival clan. His wife tries to protect what he wants to throw away. His new bodyguard has a missing memory. The truth lies within the code of the Yakuza, where honor and sacrifice are rewarded with a warrior's death.

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English and Italian subtitles.  Approx. 131 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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