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Donald Sutherland ... Jozef Anne Archer Anne Archer ... Mira Jodhi May Jodhi May ... Ewa Paul Freeman Paul Freeman ... Ben Anthony Bate Anthony Bate ... Kowal Pip Torrens Pip Torrens ... Anton Bernard Hepton Bernard Hepton ... Slowak Fran├žoise Michaud Fran├žoise Michaud ... Nicole Yves Beneyton Yves Beneyton ... Roger Denis Fouqueray Denis Fouqueray ... Dr. Marwicz (as Denys Fouqueray) Jan Peszek Jan Peszek ... Piuro Tadeusz Bradecki Tadeusz Bradecki ... Leszek Marcin Tronski Marcin Tronski ... Prison Director Joanna Jedryka Joanna Jedryka ... Anna Krystyna Froelich Krystyna Froelich ... Mrs. Brodska Andrzej Grabarczyk Andrzej Grabarczyk ... Marek

A story about a man who possesses enormous power, has it taken away from him, and finds, when it is returned, that it no longer means very much to him. Eminent Domain takes place in a somewhat fictionalized Poland in the pre-glasnost era. The state is run by a strongman whose control over the Communist Party and its Politburo is complete. That means that even the most powerful party officials - like Josef Burski, the sixth-ranking party official - owe their position and influence entirely to him.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 101 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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