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ECCE BOMBO (1978) * with switchable English and Italian subtitles *

Nanni Moretti Michele Apicella Piero Galletti Goffredo Luisa Rossi Michele's mother Susanna Javicoli Silvia Cristina Manni Cristina Glauco Mauri Michele's Father Paolo Zaccagnini Vito

Michele Apicella, Goffredo, Mirko and Vito are four highschool friends who are on the forefront of the political protests that characterized the second half of the 1960s. Now a few years older, the four friends are no longer politically active and struggle to come to terms with the present. Intellectually marginalized and disenchanted with contemporary society, they form a collective consciousness group to try to understand what to do with themselves. Another friend, Cesare, decides to join them although he has mixed feelings about the whole experience, leading a relatively comfortable life. Things change when Michele starts a relationship with Cesare's girlfriend Flaminia.

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English and Italian subtitles. Approx. 101 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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