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E.W. Emo, Paul Hörbiger, Gretl Theimer and Maria Andergast

Franz Schubert is sent by his publisher to the home of a Viennese court glazier to play the organ for the wedding of one of his three daughters.  To his sorrow, he discovers that the bride is the woman he's idolized from afar.  And so typical of Schubert's real life, he's not even able to win the love of the other two sisters  (hard to believe:  who wouldn't want to be the runner-up to the love of your life?!).  The film is pseudo-biographical  (i.e., lots of liberties taken with the truth).

Franz Schubert wird von seinem Verleger ins Haus eines Wiener Hofglasermeisters entsandt, um dort bei der Trauung einer der drei Töchter die Orgel zu spielen. Zu seinem Schmerz entdeckt er in der Braut die von ihm heimlich umschwärmte Geliebte. Auch die Liebe ihrer beiden Schwestern kann er nicht endgültig erringen. Der Film ist pseudobiografisch.


DVD-R IS IN GERMAN WITH NO SUBTITLES. LENGTH OF FEATURE FILM:  86 mins.  See film sample for audio and video quality.



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