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DVD documentary about WWII Germany.  These DVDs came from original films we own and we reserve copyright on their compilation.  This particular DVD is 127 minutes long and covers the period from 24 AUGUST - 18 OCTOBER 1944The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  These are in German and do NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

All German women must now work in the factories; Heavy fighting in Brittany; East Prussians dig trenches against the Bolsheviks; Tanks stabilize the front in the Courland; V-1s strike terror in the hearts of Londoners; Fighting the British on the Dutch-German borders; Panzerfaust and Nebelwerfer rockets against American tanks; Finland surrenders; Finnish refugees swarm into Sweden; Sturmgeschutze fight Soviet tanks in Latvia; Rumania switches sides; Panzerschreke against Soviet T-34s; British parachutists land at Arnhem; Even generals dig anti-tank trenches in the Generalgouvernement; Estonian refugees flee on German transport ships; Rommel's funeral; Soviet breakthrough in Rumania; The end of the Warsaw Revolt; The Russians invade Hungary