Artikelnummer 47


This particular DVD is 135 minutes long and covers the period from 29 NOVEMBER 1939 - 04 MARCH 1940The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  These are in German and do NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

German Engineers Re-start Steel Mills in Silesia; German Troops Patrol West Wall Fortifications; U-Boat Captain Prien and Crew Welcomed in Berlin; New Japanese Foreign Minister Takes Office; Baltic Germans Resettled in Posen; British Navy Blockades North Sea Countries; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Over English Coast; Evacuation of Tientsin by the British; Anti-Air Defense Exercises in Germany; Ethnic Germans From Russia Return to Germany; Goebbels Tours Western Air Defense Zone; International Winter Games in Bavaria; Luftwaffe Planes Sink British Ships in North Sea; Duce Reviews Elite Militia in Rome; German Wartime Trade Fair in Leipzig.