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A rare film worth waiting for..., 1/30/2015 8:49 AM
From: Guest
This film not a remake of the 1920 silent German classic but is a sequel with sound filmed in Prague by a French cast & crew. This was a big budget production for its time because of its crowd scenes and sets, countless costumes, and special effects when the reanimated statue goes on his rampage wrecking buildings. The Emperor was played by Harry Baur, one of France's top stars during the 1930's and who died in 1943 after being tortured by the Nazis. 'Le Golem' is pretty good as a historical costumer full of court intrigue and with scenes of Baur's torture chamber which were shortened for the American release. I'm not sure if this is the uncut version but it was explicit enough. This was a daring film to make at a time when anti-Semitism was on the rise in Europe and and its makers knew it could not be shown in Nazi Germany and later in occupied countries. For an old film this copy had good video and clear audio. I didn't see any "pixellization " or"softness' problems as this page denotes. Four stars for a generally good print  Some subtitles don't stay on long enough to read and some spots might be missing them. However this doesn't really detract your attention from following the story. - John C.
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