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Charming story based on a true story. A comedy about how to defeat bureaucracy., 11.08.2019 11:24
Von: Gast
1956's Captain from Koepenick was the fourth film version of Der Hauptmann von Koepenick, a play by Carl Zuckmayer (the first was a silent in 1926, the second was directed by Richard Oswald in 1931). This fact-based drama-comedy stars Heinz Reuhmann as Berlin shoemaker Wilhelm Vogt,  set in Prussia, a middle-aged shoemaker who has been in prison is in a catch-22 situation - he wants to leave to get work in Hungary, but can't get a passport. He can't get work because he doesn't have papers and can't get papers because he doesn't have work. After a series of frustrating efforts he finds himself in with only one option. SPOILERS: The shoemaker buys a used captain's uniform, commandeers a small troop of men, and tries to solve his problem by impersonating a captain. The actor playing Willem Voigt is wonderful - human and touching. Vogt struts about posing as a Captain, going so far as to declare martial law on the town of Koepenick, arresting the mayor in the process. Then he commandeers the town's cashbox and heads for the hills--as newspapers all over Germany celebrate his "scam". If you get a chance to see the 1931 version, check it out. It is even better in some parts.
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