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A brief history of the Canga., 15.08.2020 15:51
Von: Gast
I went to see this movie back in 1953 or 1954 at a cinema in Argentina. I knew nothing about this period in the history of Brazil. It was an absolute surprise for me in many ways. For one I had no knowledge about those events in Brazil and still now, almost 70 years after this film is difficult to find sources about this period. It is like it never happened. Much fun has been made of the people that were part of those events both in Brazil and elsewhere. The politics of the time have been denied just about forever especially nowadays by the current government. The people that revolted against poverty, injustice and just about everything else in the North East of Brazil are still discriminated, ignored, denied, etc., to this day. Let this beautifully shot movie in B/W tell you about the Brazil that still is fighting the same causes and events. This is one way to learn about a country with so much history that has been denied. I have this movie now in my collection and it's one of my priced possessions and I'm still researching the history of this cultural movement. I should say that I am an Anthropologist and this is enormously important to me.
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