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Albrecht Schoenhals, Dorothea Wieck and Klaus Detlef Sierck, Viktor de Kowa

Der fünfzehnjährige Johannes, der in Südamerika aufgewachsen ist, kommt nach dem Tod seiner Mutter aufs Gut des Vaters nach Deutschland. Da der verbitterte Mann und der verschlossene Junge keinen Zugang zueinander finden, schickt der Vater den Sohn auf eine Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt, eine jener ab 1933 von den Nationalsozialisten gegründeten Erziehungsstätten, in denen die Schüler zu Kameradschaft und Gemeinschaft (im nationalsozialistischen Sinne) erzogen werden sollen. Tatsächlich freundet sich Johannes mit dem Jungen Panse an, findet schließlich einen Platz in der Gemeinschaft des Internats und ein kameradschaftliches Verhältnis zum Vater.

The fifteen year old Johannes, who grew up in South America, moves to his father's estate in Germany after the death of his mother.  But since the bitter man and his introverted son can't seem to find any common ground, the father sends his son to an HJ school to learn to become part of the community and to build a comradeship with his classmates.  And in fact, Johannes becomes friends with another young HJ, Panse, and finally not only finds a place in the comunity, but is able to form a comradely bond to his father.


Unfortunately, the film's quality corresponds to a very poor, very well used VHS quality.  If not for the historical and collectible interest in such a film, we would not sell it.  Do not rely on the pictures in this auction to reflect the film's true quality.  It is, indeed, very poor.  Nevertheless, it is a rare film and for that reason only, we are selling it in this state for those who would be interested in the subject matter, regardless of its condition.   

79 minutes long.