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SANS LENDEMAIN (Without Tomorrow)  (1940)  * with switchable English & Spanish subtitles *

The story of a once-respectable woman who re-encounters her first love, now a successful doctor. Reduced to nude-dancing in a sleazy dive, with a son to support, Evelyne borrows money at an outrageous interest rate in order to create a facade of respectability; and, it goes without saying, Georges falls in love with her all over again. But how can Evelyne maintain her bourgeois values and save son and “father” from the consequences of her fall?

Después de un matrimonio infeliz, una mujer es obligada a bailar en un cabaret para poder criar a su hijo.







Cecily Harrington really has the ability to fulfill all her wishes. After all, she won 10,000 Pounds in the lottery. Her fiancee Nigel insists they get married in two weeks. Much to Cecily's annoyance, he refuses to spend their honeymoon outside of the British Isles. When Cecily gets to know globetrotter Bruck Lovel, who, according to his fables, knows the whole world, she decides to break off her engagement to Niles and marry Bruce. Before starting off on their trip around the world, they move into a lonely, country manor. It's only then, that Cecily discovers there are some bad things in store for her..

Eigentlich könnte sich Cecily Harrington all ihre Wünsche erfüllen! Die Dame hat nämlich zehntausend Pfund im Lotto gewonnen. Ihr Verlobter Nigel besteht jedoch darauf, in zwei Wochen zu heiraten. Zu Cecilys Ärger lehnt er es ab, die Flitterwochen außerhalb der britischen Insel zu verbringen. Als die junge Frau auch noch den Globetrotter Bruce Lovel kennen lernt, der seinen Erzählungen nach die ganze Welt kennt, beschließt sie, die Verlobung mit Nigel zu lösen und sich mit dem faszinierendem Bruce zu verehelichen. Bevor das Paar die große Weltreise startet, ziehen sie sich allerdings in ein einsames Landhaus zurück. Dort erwarten Cecily jedoch böse Überraschungen.


. EINST IM MAI  (1938)  * with hard-encoded Czech subtitles *


1900:  Much to the chagrin of Baron Uhlendorff in Schoneberg, the city of Berlin is expanding.  But what is much worse is that his son George is in love with Traute, the daughter of the master carpenter Schradecke.  So the son must leave for South America as a diplomat and Father Schradecke has to intercept his letters to his daughter.  Traute is inconsolable; 1913:  The early days of the small artisans have now given way to them becoming big businessmen.  Traute continues to wait for George in spite of the stubborn proposing by the carpenter Paul Buttner.  When the Baron’s possessions are to be auctioned off, George returns from America to acquire a portion of it.  When Traute finds out that he’s married and has a son, she gives in to Paul’s proposals of marriage; 1937:  Berlin is celebrating its 700th birthday.  Traute comes to Berlin with her daughter and George, whose wife has died in the meantime, arrives with his son.  The children get to know one another and fall in love.  Traute and George, who see one another once again after so many years, have no intention of standing in the way of this happiness.


1900. Sehr zum Ärger von Baron Uhlendorff in Schöneberg, weitet sich die Stadt Berlin aus. Aber viel schlimmer ist, daß sein Sohn Georg Traute, die Tochter des Tischlermeisters Schradecke, liebt. Also muß der Sohn als Diplomat nach Südamerika und Vater Schradecke die Briefe an seine Tochter abfangen. Traute ist verzweifelt; 1913. Die Gründerzeit macht plötzlich aus kleinen Handwerkern große Unternehmer. Nur Traute wartet immer noch auf ihren Georg, trotz der hartnäckigen Werbung des Tischlers Paul Büttner. Als der Besitz des Barons versteigert werden soll, kommt Georg aus Amerika zurück, um einen Teil davon zu erwerben. Als Traute nun erfährt, dass er verheiratet ist und einen Sohn hat, gibt sie dem Werben von Paul nach; 1937. Berlin feiert seinen 700. Geburtstag. Traute kommt mit ihrer Tochter nach Berlin, und auch Georg, dessen Frau gestorben ist, kommt mit seinem Sohn. Die Kinder lernen sich kennen und lieben. Traute und Georg, die sich nach so vielen Jahren wiedersehen, wollen diesem Glück nicht im Wege stehen. .



DER BRAVE SOLDAT SCHWEJK  (1960)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Bohemian dog dealer Schwejk is living a peaceful and satisfactory life in Prague, when the First World War begins. Arrested for high treason, he ends up being shoved into the Austro-Hungarian Army, which he survives thanks to the luck of his alleged simplemindedness. Assigned to Lieutenant Lukasz as an aide-de-camp, he manages to master all the problems he's caused by his own clumsiness. Eventually, his apparent naivety lands him and his lieutenant at the front line, where, once again, he causes problems and danger for himself and everyone around him. In the end, he finds himself before a field court martial.

Friedlich und zufrieden lebt der böhmische Hundehändler Schwejk in Prag, als der Erste Weltkrieg ausbricht. Eine Verhaftung wegen Hochverrats geht direkt in seine Soldatenzeit über, die er mit dem Glück des vermeintlich Einfältigen übersteht. Gefahren und Probleme z.B. bei seinen Aufträgen für den Oberleutnant Lukasz – meistert er mit der ihm eigenen Tollpatschigkeit. Mit dem Oberleutnant wird er an die Front versetzt, und auch hier wird ihn seine schelmenhaften Naivität immer wieder in Schwierigkeiten und zugleich wieder aus ihnen heraus bringen. Bis er sich schließlich vor einem Standgericht wiederfindet. 



DER HENKER VON LONDON  (1963)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Two brutal murders have got London on edge: A self-appointed, secret court has been carrying out death sentences against common criminals and a crazy doctor's been experimenting with women's heads. Time to call in Scotland Yard.

Zwei brutale Mordserien erschüttern London: Ein selbsternanntes Geheimgericht vollstreckt Todesurteile gegen vermeintliche Verbrecher und ein verrückter Arzt experimentiert mit Frauenköpfen. Scotland Yard ermittelt.




DEFENDANT, PLEASE RISE  (1930)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Yvonne Delys, the star of the show "Folies-Montmartre" is found murdered. Shortly before the murder, a violent argument broke out with her rival, Gaby, jealous of her role she held in the company of handsome Andre, Yvonne had demanded his place in the number they performed together. Gaby serves as the main suspect, but many unexpected twists will cast doubt on this hasty accusation.

Yvonne Delys, la grande vedette du spectacle des "Folies-Montmartre" est retrouvée assassinée. Peu de temps avant le meurtre, une violente dispute avait éclaté avec sa rivale, Gaby : jalouse du son rôle qu'elle tenait en compagnie du beau André, Yvonne avait exigé sa place dans le numéro qu'ils exécutaient ensemble. Gaby fait office de suspect principal, mais de nombreux rebondissement vont remettre en doute cette accusation hâtive.






World-famous ice skater Helga Held decides to quit the sport shortly before the European champion games. She also turns down a lucrative career as the star of an ice cabaret. This, in turn, compels Heinz Norman to find a look-alike for his show. The real Helga, however, has other plans for him.

Die berühmte Eiskunstläuferin Helga Held verabschiedet sich kurz vor den Europameisterschaften vom Profisport. Auch das Angebot, der Star einer Eisrevue zu werden, lehnt sie dankend ab. Daraufhin verpflichtet Heinz Norman eine Doppelgängerin für seine Show. Die echte Helga Held macht ihm allerdings einen kräftigen Strich durch die Rechnung.



WANDAS TRICK  (1918)  +  DIE SIEBEN RABEN  (1937)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Wanda, a cigarette factory worker, dates her boss and is happy to propose to him, only that's not exactly his idea. Then she wins the lottery, and as losses menace the business, this time it is he who proposes, meeting rejection. Instead, Wanda adverts in the newspapers that she will marry the man who finds her photograph in a cigarette box. Being no fool, she knows who she wants to find it.

A peasant has seven sons and no daughter. Finally, a daughter is born, but is sickly. The father sends his sons to fetch water for herto be baptized.In their haste, they drop the jug in the well. When they do not return, their father thinks that they have gone off to play and curses them and so they turn into ravens. When the sister is grown, she sets out in search of her brothers.

Wanda arbeitet in der Garbaty Zigarettenfabrik. Ihr Chef, Zigarettenfabrikant Heinrich Löbel, hat ein Auge auf Sie geworfen. Nach einem Rendezvous bittet Wanda ihren Chef sie zu heiraten, aber der hatte sich einen anderen Ausgang für den Abend erhofft. Am nächsten Morgen erfährt Wanda aus der Zeitung, dass sie bei der grossen Lotterie zugunsten des Säuglings-Hilfswerkes 100.000 Mark gewonnen hat. Während sie mit ihren Kolleginnen feiert, wird ihr Chef von seinem Buchhalter auf die Verluste der Firma aufmerksam gemacht und schlägt eine reiche Heirat als Lösung vor. Der Chef bittet also Wanda um ihre Hand, aber sie lässt ihn abblitzen. Nachdem Wanda vom drohenden Konkurs der Firma erfahren hat, lässt sie ein Inserat in die Zeitung setzen, um den Verkauf anzukurbeln: Der Käufer einer Schachtel Zigaretten, der in der Schachtel das Porträt von Fräulein Wanda Schmied findet, soll ihr Ehemann werden. Der Trick gelingt und Wanda wird von Löbel zur Mitinhaberin der Fabrik gemacht. Bei einem Wohltätigkeitsfest verkauft Wanda die letzten Schachteln, doch die Schachtel mit ihrem Porträt, die sie ihrem Chef zugesteckt hat, wird gestohlen...

Sieben Brüder sollen für ihre gerade geborene Schwester Wasser für deren Taufe holen. Sie lassen sich aber lange Zeit, sodass sie vom eigenen Vater verflucht werden und sich deshalb in Raben verwandeln. Als Mädchen macht sich die Schwester auf der Suche nach ihren Brüdern.





At the behest of his father, young Karl Valentin is to complete a carpentry apprenticeship; but when the father gets into a financial mess by a strict creditor, the boy works with growing success as a comedian to support his parents financially.

Auf Geheiß seines Vaters soll der jugendliche Karl Valentin eine Schreinerlehre absolvieren. Als der Vater durch einen strengen Gläubiger in Geldnot gerät, verdingt sich der Junge mit wachsendem Erfolg nebenher als Komiker, um seine Eltern finanziell zu unterstützen.





UNHEIMLICHE GESCHICHTEN  (1919)  * with switchable English subtitles *


An antiquarian bookseller closes his shop for the night. On the walls hang portraits of Death, the Devil and a Harlot, which come to life and roam around the empty shop, amusing themselves by reading macabre tales from the bookseller’s dusty shelves…

The Apparition: A stranger rescues a young woman when her former husband attacks her. She explains that he is insane and refuses to leave her alone even though they are divorced. The stranger escorts her to a hotel, where they stay in separate rooms. After a night out with his friends, he pays the woman a visit, only to find her room, number 117, empty and in disarray. He later questions the desk staff, who deny the room was ever occupied…

The Hand: Two men are rivals for one woman’s affections, and they decide who shall win her by a throw of dice. The enraged loser strangles his rival to death, but the dead man’s hand tightens its grip on him... Years pass before the Murderer next meets the woman; she invites him to see her debut performance as a dancer. As the Murderer watches, a ghostly hand clutches at the stage curtain…but worse is to come when the woman invites him to join a séance…

The Black Cat: A traveller makes the acquaintance of a drunkard and his pretty but long-suffering wife. He is invited to their home, but is caught flirting with the drunkard’s wife and made to leave. When the jealous drunkard then threatens to harm his wife’s beloved cat, a struggle ensues and the wife is accidentally killed. He attempts to hide his crime by walling up her corpse in the cellar, but the suspicious traveller soon returns…

The Suicide Club: A curious stranger searching a supposedly deserted property discovers the inner sanctum of the ‘Suicide Club’, where any member unfortunate enough to draw the ace of spades from a deck of cards is bound by the club’s rules to take his own life. Despite pleas from the sister of the sinister club President, the newcomer joins the club, drinking a toast to a recently departed member…and drawing the ace of spades on his very first night…

The Spook: In the 18th century, the bored wife of a caring but inattentive Baron takes in a travelling nobleman who has been injured nearby in a coach accident. Noting the developing attraction between his wife and the stranger, the Baron finds an excuse to leave his castle. Alone with the Baron's wife, the nobleman finds his mettle tested by a series of disturbances apparently supernatural in origin...

Um Mitternacht steigen der Tod, der Teufel und eine Dirne aus ihren Bildern in einem Antiquariat und erzählen einander fünf Gruselgeschichten:

1. "Die Erscheinung": In einem Hotel verschwindet eine Frau spurlos. Die Hotelleitung wollte vertuschen, dass sie an der Pest gestorben ist.

2. "Die Hand": Die Hand eines Ermordeten verfolgt den Mörder aus dem Jenseits.

3. "Die schwarze Katze": Ein Mann bringt seine Frau um und mauert die Leiche im Keller ein, aber die ebenfalls eingemauerte Katze verrät ihn.

4. "Der Selbstmörder-Klub": Ein Polizeikommissar gerät in einen Geheimbund, in dem derjenige, der die Todeskarte zieht, sterben muss.

5. "Der Spuk": Durch einen inszenierten Spuk vertreibt ein Mann seinen Nebenbuhler. – Am Ende verschwinden die drei Erzähler, aber der Antiquar ist wahnsinnig geworden.




During World War I, off the New England coast, German submarines prey on United States shipping vessels and are in turn hunted down by the subchasers of the splinter fleet. Operating in these hostile waters are John Thorson, a rowdy tugboat skipper, and his business competitor, Rocky Blake, an equally foul-tempered skipper. Thorson and his daughter Susan contrive to eliminate their competitor by tricking Rocky into joining the Navy, but when Thorson's beloved tug is sunk by a German U-Boat, he becomes so enraged that he also enlists in the Navy, determined to wage a one man war on the subs. Outspoken and undisciplined, Thorson disobeys orders and takes a subchaser out of formation to start his own hunt for the U-Boats. For his insubordination, Thorson is court-martialed, found guilty, demoted from ensign to ordinary seaman, and then assigned to land duty. He is about to desert when Rocky, now a subchaser division chief, is assigned to command a mystery schooner to decoy the subs and enlists Thorson in his crew.






Thesi Gruber owns a small, beautiful inn in Zilletal, but no one seems to want to stay there. The reason? Mayor Kramer and his employee Alois are scaring off the guests, because Kramer wants to buy out the property to set up a spa. Fortunately, Thesi's friend Petra has an idea: she gets a small band together and advertises for a different type of guest ... one that's sure to please the mayor even less. 

Thesi Gruber hat eine schöne, kleine Pension im Zillertal, doch leider bleiben die Gäste aus. Der Grund: Bürgermeister Kramer und sein Diener Alois verscheuchen die Gäste, weil Kramer auf dem gelände gerne ein Sanatorium errichten würde. Doch Thesis Freundin Petra hat eine Idee: Sie organisiert eine kleine Band und wirbt damit um ein ganz anderes Publikum - das dem Bürgermeister noch weniger in den Kram passen dürfte.









Text Box: You may have missed these titles CAPTIVE HEART (1946)


In the summer of 1940, Captain Karel Hasek, a Czech soldier, escapes from Dachau concentration camp and assumes the identity of a dead British officer, Captain Geoffrey Mitchell. When he is caught, he joins thousands of British prisoners of war, captured during the Fall of France, on a march to a prison camp. He is suspected of being a spy by his fellow soldiers because of a few small errors and his fluency in the German language. Captain Grayson wants to lynch him forthwith, but Major Dalrymple, the senior British officer, hears Hasek out and believes his story. To avoid suspicion, he has to maintain the fiction that Mitchell is still alive by corresponding with Mitchell's widow Celia. Prior to the war, Mitchell had abandoned his wife and their two children, but the letters rekindle Celia's love.




 AND NIGHTS (Ayyam wa layali) (1955) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Romantic musical drama about an athletic young man, who falls for a beautiful woman with a disturbed brother. Handsome Yehia may come from a difficultd background, but he’s always strived to make the best of his life. When Yehia falls for beautiful Samia, he believes he's finally found the woman with whom he could spend the rest of his life. Trouble soon arises, however, when Samia’s delinquent stepbrother begins doing everything in his power to sabotage the couple’s relationship.





 (1982) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Richard Wagner's last opera has remained controversial since its first performance for its unique, and, for some, unsavory blending of religious and erotic themes and imagery. Based on one of the medieval epic romances of King Arthur and the search for the holy grail (the chalice touched by the lips of Christ at the last supper), it recounts over three, long acts how a "wild child" unwittingly invades the sacred precincts of the grail, fulfilling a prophecy that only such a one can save the grail's protectors from a curse fallen upon them. Interpreters of the work have found everything from mystical revelation to proto-fascist propaganda in it. Hans-Jurgen Syberberg's production doesn't avoid either aspect, but tries synthesize them by seeking their roots in the divided soul of Wagner himself. The action unfolds on a craggy landscape, which turns out to be a gigantic enlargement of the composer's death mask, among deliberately tatty theatrical devices: puppets, scale models, etc. 


Die Handlung beginnt vor der riesigen Nachbildung einer Totenmaske. König Amfortas verfügt über den Gral Christi, der in der Lage ist, Leben zu spenden. Als besagter König die Heilige Lanze an den abtrünnigen Klingsor verlor, ist er danach mit einer nicht heilenden Wunde gezeichnet. Nur ein Unschuldiger kann dem König helfen und muss durch Mitleid zur Erkenntnis gelangen. Dieser Unschuldige wird vom jungen Parsifal verkörpert, der sich nun ins Reich von Klingsor und seiner Helferin Kundry begibt.
 BAD JOKE (Skvernyy anekdot) (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *

A high ranking official in St. Petersburg accidentally attends the wedding of one of his subordinates, embarrassing himself and the entire wedding party. Based on a novel by F. M. Dostoyevsky.




 QUEEN'S NECKLACE (1946) * with switchable English subtitles *


The adventurer Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy, descendant of King Henry II of France, who claims to be "Countess de la Motte", imagines a tortuous plan to steal a magnificent necklace of diamonds that Queen Marie-Antoinette refused to buy from the jewelers Boehmer and Bassange. Based, loosely, on an actual historical episode.


L'aventurière Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy, descendante (par la main gauche) du roi de France Henri II, et qui se prétend " comtesse de la Motte ", imagine un plan tortueux pour voler un magnifique collier de diamants que la reine Marie-Antoinette a refusé d'acheter aux joaillers Boehmer et Bassange.





 AND SEEK (1964) * with switchable Spanish subtitles *


Professor David Garrett, a British scientist, meets Frank Melnicker, an old friend from behind the Iron Curtain, at an international chess tournament. They play a game of chess, and Garrett later sees Melnicker being whisked away by two men. Garrett then realizes that during their game Melnicker secretly revealed to him an address. Garrett visits the address and meets Maggie, whose business is selling information. Maggie informs him that Melnicker operates an escape route, and she insists on taking Garrett to Melnicker's place in Yorkshire. En route, they leap off a train to avoid two thugs and are aided by Wilkins, an eccentric who lives on a barge loaded with brandy and animals. Garrett is attacked later by a stranger who seemingly falls off a cliff during the ensuing struggle. A policeman then guides Garrett to his destination, a lonely cliff-top castle where he meets Marek, the head of the communist ring, who reveals his intention to make it appear as though Garrett voluntarily defected. Both Maggie and Melnicker appear to have been involved in the plot; but Maggie, who has fallen in love with Garrett, reappears and helps Garrett outwit Marek.



 OM GELD (The Trouble With Money) (1936) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


A banker loses a bag with money and is fired on suspicion of theft. A finance company believes him to be a wealthy man and appoints him as director, where he develops a plan for social housing. At the same time, however, he is unable to cope with the power and status of his new position. His daughter Willy brings him back to reality.




 CALL IT LOVE (1931)


When socialite Callie Brooks decides to divorce her husband Henry, she cheerfully announces her decision at one of the regular weekend house parties given at her Sands Point, New York home. Callie's friend, Helen Robinson, immediately congratulates her on the clever stunt and wishes that she could be as original in finding a way to leave her husband, Joe. Though Helen applauds Callie's announcement, Connie Mills, another guest, tells her husband Jack that she finds the casual treatment of divorce distasteful. While Joe falls ill and retreats to the library, Helen joins her playboy paramour, Tony Minot, on the balcony, where she tells him that their affair must come to an end because their love has "gone cold." Later, Joe accuses Helen of ignoring his needs and being more than just a golfing parter to Tony. Joe's suspicions of Tony also lead him to inform Jack that the roué is after Connie as well. Jack quickly dismisses the thought and expresses his confidence that Connie will remain faithful to him. When Jack's car breaks down, Tony drives the Millses home and joins them for a nightcap. While Jack mixes their drinks in the kitchen, Tony tries to woo Connie, but she resists him and reassures him that she loves her husband. Jack realizes that Tony's sole interest in his home is his wife, so with Connie's approval, he throws him out. On his way out, Tony accuses Jack of cheating on Connie when he had an affair with a Follies girl. Connie overhears the charge, but she believes Jack when he tells her that he is innocent. 


 FLUCHT (The Flight) (1977) * with switchable English subtitles *


Dr. Schmith has proposed a research project to reduce infant mortality from premature births. His superiors, however, reject the proposal. This causes the good doctor to come up with the idea of leaving the People's Republic. He contracts with a western escape agency to get him out of the DDR. Shortly thereafter, an international research group discovers and decides to pursue Dr. Schmith's proposal, with him leading the East German research section. He also finds a life partner in his new colleague, Katharina. Schmith thus decides to call off the escape attempt, but is then blackmailed by the agency that was set to help him. Fearing he has no choice, he takes the unsuspecting Katharina along for a second escape attempt. When she realizes what he's got planned, she does what any good Iron Curtain citizen does and runs away, back to the workers' paradise.


Oberarzt Dr. Schmith plant ein Forschungsprojekt zur Senkung der Frühgeburtensterblichkeit. Doch es wird von den übergeordneten Stellen abgelehnt. Daraufhin entschließt sich Schmith, die DDR zu verlassen. Er schließt einen Vertrag mit einer westlichen Fluchthilfeorganisation. Kurz darauf wird sein Projekt doch realisiert - in einer internationalen Forschungsgruppe, deren DDR-Sektion er leiten soll. Außerdem findet er in der neuen Kollegin Katharina eine Lebensgefährtin. Schmith ignoriert die Abmachung mit den Fluchthelfern, doch er wird von ihnen erpreßt. Zum zweiten Fluchttermin nimmt er die ahnungslose Katharina mit. Als sie seine Absicht erfährt, flüchtet sie. 
 (1938) * with switchable English subtitles *


Milja and Julius are a happy couple working at the factory, and everything is good until Petrina shows up at the arena. Julius is bewitched by the girl, who gets him to drink and steal. Milja is soon left alone with the shame - and a bastard child. The child is placed with Honse-Lovisa while Milja is at the factory, but a doctor casts his eyes on Milja's young. He's looking for children to adopt to rich west-side people. In her desperation, Milja gives away the dearest thing she owns, for the kid to have better conditions than she manages to give him. It is Honse-Lovisa that convinces her that the material benefits can never compensate for real love and care.






 FOR SVANETIA (1930) + CHILDREN OF THE AGE (1915) * with switchable English subtitles *


Salt for Svanetia is a 1930 Georgian silent documentary film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. Most of Salt for Svanetiadescribes and explores the daily life of the Svan people, who are living isolated from civilisation in a harsh, natural environment in the mountainous region of Svanetia. The film starts with the Lenin quotation "Even now there are far reaches of the Soviet Union where the patriarchal way of life persists along with remnants of the clan system." Svanetia and the mountain village of Ushguli are then located on two slowly dissolving maps of the region and are described as "cut off from civilization by mountains and glaciers". The location of the village is further introduced by several expository shots showing the Svanetian landscape. The film then concentrates on the daily routine of the villagers. One sequence shows how sheep are raised, and how wool and yarn are produced. Another scene shows a suspension bridge and a man trying to cross it. A harvest during an early snowstorm is shown. Other scenes show how the Svan people tailor their clothes, make hats, cut their hair and bury their dead.  The film then concentrates on the lack of salt supplies. Cut off from the outside world for most of the year, the village suffers from a shortage of salt. It is shown how this forces the animals to lick human sweat and urine. The solution to the salt shortage is presented in the climax of the film, where the young Soviet power builds a road that connects the isolated region to the outside world. Svanetia was seen as an underdeveloped region, and thus Soviet planners tried to make it a showcase of Soviet modernization during the First Five-Year Plan between 1928 and 1932. During this time roads were built, an air service was established and industries such as mining and lumbering were developed. At the same time Soviet authorities tried to change and sovietize the traditional life of the Svan people. It was against this background of Svanetia as a showcase of Soviet modernization that Salt for Svanetia was produced. Inspired by a tour of the Caucasus, the writer and journalist Sergei Tretyakov wrote a newspaper article that gave Kalatozov the idea for the film. Tretyakov then wrote a script for Kalatozov, and shooting began in the mountain village Ushguli in Upper Svanetia. Originally the film was planned to be a fictional feature film, but ultimately Viktor Shklovsky edited the footage Kalatozov had shot in Svanetia into a documentary film.  Most, but not all, parts of the documentary were staged, similar to other Soviet documentaries of the early 1930s.  The authencity of some scenes has been disputed by the Svan people who deny that some of the customs shown have ever existed. The cinematography of Mikhail Kalatozov and the cinematographer Shalva Gegelashvili has been described as expressionistic due to its use of dramatic shadows, silhouettes against a dramatic skyline and Dutch angles. After the film was finished it was criticized by Stalinist authorities as being unbalanced and unfair towards Svanetia. It was claimed that the director was too fascinated by the backwardness and superstition of Svanetia, and only superficially interested in socialist modernization. Kalatozov fell out of favor, culminating in a ban of his next film Nail in the Boot and a denunciation of his script on Imam Shamil.

In Children of the Age, Maria is the devoted wife of a bank director. The couple has a cozy life. Their baby is cared for by the maid. On one of Maria's lazy afternoon she runs into an old friend Lidia. Maria is introduced by Lidia to the société and a Mr. Lebedev. (1930) * with switchable English subtitles *


Emperess Catherine II wants to get rid of Princess Elisabeth Tarakanova, who is to replace her on the throne of Russia. She asks Prince Orlov to travel to Venice so he can seduce Elisabeth and bring her back to Russia. Orlov and Tarakanova fall in love.










 LETZTE MOHIKANER (The Last Tomahawk) (1965) * with switchable English and German audio tracks *


After his father is murdered by a group of Iroquois under the leadership of Magua, Unkas is left as the last of the Mohicans. He swears to avenge his father's death. A short time later, Unkas and his white brother Captain Falconeye Hayward rescue General Munro's two daughters from an attack by Magua's warriors. Magua, however, is able to flee the scene with another daughter, Cora, as his hostage.


Nachdem auch sein Vater von einer Gruppe Irokesen unter der Führung von Magua ermordet wurde, ist Unkas der letzte des Stammes der Mohikaner. Er schwört Rache. Wenig später helfen er und sein weißer Bruder Falkenauge Captain Hayward, die beiden Töchter von General Munro vor einem Überfall durch Maguas Truppe zu retten. Doch Magua kann mit einer der Töchter, Cora, entkommen. 






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