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WEDAD  (1936)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Baher is a merchant in love with his serf, Wedad, who goes bankrupt because his merchandise is stolen. In order to pay his debts, Wedad sacrifices herself and decides to become a serf to another wealthy master.














THE FLYING CARPET  (1956)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Volka, a 12-year-old Soviet Young Pioneer, discovers an ancient vessel at the bottom of a river. When he opens it, a genie emerges. He calls himself Hassan Abdul-rahman ibn Khattab, but Volka renames him Khottabych. Khottabych later claims to be 3,732 years and 5 months old. The grateful Khottabych is ready to fulfill any of Volka's wishes, but it becomes clear that Volka should use the powers of the genie carefully, for they can have some unforeseen undesirable results. A feel-good story intended to teach about the good of socialism and social responsibility and the evils of capitalism and selfishness. Amusingly, the genie's failures, meant to represent the ills of non-socialist societies, more reflect the failures in what was the real USSR-Soviet state.










DIE ERFINDUNG DES VERDERBENS  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The villainous adventurer Artigas, who's made his fortune by looting sunken treasure ships, has taken Professor Rocha prisoner -- the inventor of a powerful explosive -- and intends to exploit his invention to gain domination of the world. The professor's young assistant -- the engineer Hart -- intends to prevent that happening by all means possible. But his attempt to rescue the professor is not strictly altruistic; he also hopes to "rescue" the professor's daughter, Jane, whom he loves.

Artigas ist ein finsterer Geselle mit größenwahnsinnigen Absichten. Um seine fehlenden wissenschaftlichen Fähigkeiten zu kompensieren, hat er den Erfinder Roch (Arnost Navrátil) entführt. Die Mischung aus Wahnsinn und Forscherintelligenz bedroht den Fortbestand der Erde, weil Roch einen Sprengstoff erfunden hat, dessen Wirkung alles Bekannte in den Schatten stellt. In seinem geheimen Versteck auf einer unbekannten Insel setzt Artigas seine irrsinnigen Absichten langsam aber sicher in die Tat um, aber er hat nicht mit dem Widerstand gerechnet, der ihm entgegenbläst.






Private detective Vic Malloy is stuck with the proverbial 'cat in the bag' when he gets involved in a case he should've cleared up a year ago. By chance, he finds an unopened letter belonging to a certain Janet Crosby, who had asked him to keep an eye on her sister Maureen, who was being blackmailed. What Vic finally discovered was very mysterious: Janet died 24 hours after sending the letter and Maureen has since been residing in an old, mysterious house; sealed off from the world. After making inquiries, Vic finds himself beaten senseless and locked in an insane asylum. Unfortunately, he also determines that it isn't so easy to get out of there.


Der Privatdetektiv Vic Malloy kauft die sprichwörtliche Katze im Sack, als er sich auf einen Fall einlässt, den er eigentlich schon vor einem Jahr klären hätte sollen. Durch Zufall findet er den ungeöffneten Brief einer gewissen Janet Crosby, die ihn darin darum bittet, ihre Schwester Maureen zu beobachten, die erpresst wird. Was Vic schließlich aufdeckt ist höchst mysteriös: Janet verstarb 24 Stunden nach Absenden des Briefes und Maureen befindet sich seitdem in einem mysteriösen Haus, in dem sie von allen abgeschottet wird. Bei seinen Ermittlungen landet Vic nachdem er niedergeschlagen wurde schließlich selbst im Irrenhaus und stellt fest, dass es gar nicht so einfach ist, dort wieder heraus zu kommen.



DIE FERIEN DES MONSIEUR HULOT  (1973)  * with switchable English and German subtitles *

The somewhat jaunty Monsieur Hulot is on vacation at a small seaside resort. While the other guests, including Germans and Britons, pursue their usual holiday amusements, Hulot instigates chaos on every corner. For one thing, he annoys the pension's guests with his jazz music and his loud car. Even his apartment isn't safe from him and he demolishes almost the entire facility when he just wants to make a picture straight. When he then defeats all the guests playing tennis, without ever having played tennis, he amazes them as well as in a table tennis game with a German boy. Later, he bursts into an unpleasant card game, is followed by dogs and meets a lovely girl named Martine.

Der etwas schusselige Monsieur Hulot macht in einem kleinen Badeort Ferien. Während die übrigen Gäste, darunter auch Deutsche und Briten, ihren üblichen Urlaubsvergnügungen nachgehen, stiftet Hulot an jeder Ecke Chaos an. Zum einen nervt er die Mitbewohner der Pension mit seiner Jazz-Musik und seinem lauten Wagen. Auch sein Appartement ist nicht vor ihm sicher und er demoliert fast die gesamte Einrichtung, als er eigentlich nur ein Bild gerade rücken will. Als er dann beim Tennisspielen alle Gäste besiegt, ohne je zuvor Tennis gespielt zu haben, erstaunt er die anderen Gäste ebenso wie im Tischtennisspiel mit einem deutschen Jungen. Später platzt er in eine unliebsame Kartenspielrunde, wird von Hunden verfolgt und trifft auf ein liebreizendes Mädchen namens Martine.



IN THE COUNTRY FELL A STAR  (1939)  * with switchable English subtitles *

An American starlet inflames two Italian peasants who forget about their respective fiancees. One of them even thinks of marrying her and begins to plan for the engagement banquet. When the girl decides to leave, countryside harmony reigns again.

L'attrice americana Margaret giunge in Italia per sposare un nobile a cui è promessa. Conosciuto soltanto attraverso le fotografie, tuttavia, costui delude le aspettative della donna, che tenta di sottrarsi al destino impostole. Passa qualche tempo e Margaret viene corteggiata da due contadini, Pasquale e Luigino. La corte spietata dei due provoca conflitti e tensioni: la fidanzata di Luigino si mette in mezzo.


SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 6  (1973)  * with switchable English subtitles *

After two students are caught doing “extra-curricular” activities in an abandoned school classroom, they plead their case to the student council. To the headmaster’s surprise, the teen lovers expose what’s REALLY going on in their school behind closed doors.






SLING BOY  (1960)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Liberated from a German concentration camp, a young Czech boy finds a new home with the Soviet-trained Czech Army advancing westward to rid his nation of the German plague.





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MAMELE  (1938)  * with hard-encoded and new, switchable English subtitles *


Molly Picon plays a Yiddish cinderella in this film set in Poland's textile hub, Lodz.  Condemned to a life of shopping, schlepping, cooking and cleaning, she dreams of falling in love one day.  In the meantime, she's the "Macher" to go to when something needs to be done, whether it's matchmaking or pulling someone's chestnuts out of a hot flame.  Innocent as she is, Molly's not beyond dreaming of rubbing elbows with the other side of Jewish Lodz:  the fashionably dressed young men and women on the way up; having fun in nightclubs; and maneuvering her way among the shadier members of the community.  Finally, there's the handsome musician across the street.  I hope you like kittens, because the romantic finale must've been composed with cat lovers in mind








https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0010/0010287-3-dvd-set-the-odyssey-lodissea-the-adventures-of-ulysses-1968-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpg3 DVD SET: THE ODYSSEY (L'Odissea) (The Adventures of Ulysses) (1968) * improved switchable English subtitles *


After the Trojan War, Odysseus disappears for ten years in the Mediterranean Sea. On the island of Ithaca, his wife Penelope is overrun at the palace by suitors who try in every way to woo and force her to marry again. His son Telemachus decides to go searching for him. Odysseus, however, is not dead: he was captured by the nymph Calypso, who, after an intervention of the Gods, releases Odysseus. The hero sets sail, but is shipwrecked on an island. There, he is rescued by Princess Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous. The king welcomes Odysseus, who tries to conceal his identity. Finally revealed, he begins to tell about the adventures and travels he had on his way back from the Trojan War. One segment involves his encounter with Polyphemus, the Cyclops.





MARIE DU PORT (1950) * improved English and Spanish subtitles *

A somewhat cynical businessman, owner of a big brewery and a cinema in Cherbourg, accompanies his mistress, Odile, to the funeral of her father in Port-en-Bessin. There, he meets Marie, the sister of Odile, who is just 18 years old. He falls in love with the young woman. Mary isn't immune to his charm, but refuses all bond outside of marriage. He then finds himself between these two women: one with whom nothing is happening; the other with whom nothing https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008564-la-marie-du-port-1950-with-switchable-english-and-spanish-subtitles-.jpgreally began.

Un homme d'affaires quelque peu cynique, propriétaire d'une grande brasserie et d'un cinéma à Cherbourg, accompagne sa maitresse, Odile, a l'enterrement de son père a Port-en-Bessin. Là, il fait la connaissance de Marie, la soeur d'Odile, qui a tout juste 18 ans. Il tombe amoureux de la jeune femme. Si Marie n'est pas insensible a son charme, elle refuse toute liaison en dehors du mariage. Il va alors se retrouver entre ces deux femmes: l'une avec qui rien ne va plus, l'autre avec qui rien n'a vraiment commencé.












 DIE LUSTIGE WITWE *improved menu and picture* (1962)


Danilo, the nephew of the champagne king Andre Napoleon Renard, is supposed to go to Paris to look after the local branch of the company there.  But Danilo spends his time -- and his uncle’s money – on the dancer Valencienne and her cabaret, Maxim.  Camillo, Valencienne’s very jealous husband, doesn’t exactly get off on the attention the young man is showing his wife.  The boy’s uncle, also not thrilled with his nephew’s misadventures and intent on turning him into a responsible citizen, hatches a rather clever plan:  He pretends to marry his secretary Hanna and fakes his death during a honeymoon trip in the South Pacific.  His “widow” and heirs then travel to Paris and turn off the flow of money to Danilo.


Danilo, der Neffe des Sektkönigs André Napoleon Renard, soll sich in Paris um die dortige Firmenniederlassung kümmern. Aber Danilo verwendet seine Zeit und das Geld des Onkels lieber für die Tänzerin Valencienne und deren Kabarett Maxim. Camillo, dem sehr eifersüchtigen Ehemann von Valencienne, gefällt das Interesse des jungen Lebemannes an seiner Frau überhaupt nicht. Um den Playboy zu einem solideren Lebenswandel zu bewegen, heckt der seriöse Onkel einen cleveren Plan aus. Er täuscht eine Hochzeit mit seiner Sekretärin Hanna vor und inszeniert kurz danach seinen Tod während der Hochzeitsreise in der Südsee. Seine „Witwe“ und Alleinerbin reist danach nach Paris und dreht dem leichtlebigen Danilo den Geldhahn zu.







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https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0007/0007887-the-eleventh-year-1928-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE ELEVENTH YEAR (1928) * with switchable English subtitles *


This montage film, put together to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the October Revolution and the progress made in Russia -- although Russia is never mentioned in the titles, only Socialism -- is a carefully edited series of clips intended to show all the wonderful things that the Soviet Union had produced in the first ten years of its existence.












TARTUFFE (1926) * with hard-encoded English subtitles


A greedy and hypocritical housekeeper has been working on a wealthy old man, attempting to coerce him into writing her into his will. Having convinced him that his grandson has been living an excessive and dissipating lifestyle as an actor, she’s been manipulating the old man’s affections away from the grandson. At the same time, secretly, she has been slowly poisoning the old man. Just as she has succeeded at obtaining the transfer of will, the grandson arrives.







DER PFARRER VON ST. MICHAEL (1957) * with switchable English subtitles *

On the way to his new post, reverend Linhart saves the life of drunken Franz Santner.  Franz is not like in the village.  He is considered the black sheep of the family and his well-liked brother Georg has just about given up trying to make his brother into a respected member of the community.  Franz wishes instead to leave.  In Angela, the new maid on Georg’s farm, he finds a kindred, lonely soul, with whom he spends the night.  The next day, he takes his rifle and leaves the village.  Ranger Huber, who suspects him of being a poacher, shoots at him.  During the exchange of gunfire, Huber is shot dead by Franz.  Franz is arrested and sentenced to 30 years at hard labor.  Nine months later, Angela gives birth to a son.  After getting the priest to swear that he’ll raise the child, she dies in childbirth.  Linhart raises the child and hopes to make him into a priest.


Auf dem Weg zu seiner neuen Dienststelle rettet Pfarrer Linhart dem betrunkenen Franz Santner das Leben. Im Dorf selbst ist Franz unbeliebt, in der Familie gilt er als schwarzes Schaf und auch sein beliebter Bruder Georg hat es fast aufgegeben, aus seinem Bruder ein gutes Mitglied der Gemeinde zu machen. Franz will weg. In Angela, der neuen Magd auf Georgs Hof, findet er eine verwandte einsame Seele, mit der er eine Nacht verbringt. Er nimmt am nächsten Tag sein Gewehr an sich und geht aus dem Dorf. Förster Huber, der in ihm einen Wilderer vermutet, schießt auf ihn. Beim anschließenden Schusswechsel wird Huber von Franz tödlich getroffen. Franz wird verhaftet und zu 30 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt. Neun Monate später bringt Angela einen Jungen zur Welt. Nachdem sie Pfarrer Linhart den Schwur abgenommen hat, dass er sich um das Kind kümmern werde, verstirbt sie im Kindbett. Linhart nimmt sich vor, aus dem Andreas getauften Jungen einen Priester zu machen.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008728-der-kleine-und-der-grosse-klaus-1971-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgDER KLEINE UND DER GROSSE KLAUS (1971) * with switchable English subtitles *

Der kleine Klaus ist ein Kleinbauer lebt mit seiner Frau und seinen sieben Kindern in ärmlichen Verhältnissen. Von Montag bis Samstag arbeitet er auf dem Hof des großen Klaus, der ein Großbauer ist. Nur am Sonntag leiht ihm der große Klaus zwei Pferde und der kleine Klaus kann mit ihnen und seinem eigenen Pferd "Hans" sein Feld bestellen. Er treibt sie an, indem er "alle meine Pferde" ruft. Damit verärgert er den großen Klaus, so dass dieser das Pferd vom kleinen Klaus erschlägt. Um die Familie weiterhin ernähren zu können, beschließt der kleine Klaus, die Haut seines Pferdes zu verkaufen. Auf dem Weg zum Markt möchte er aufgrund des starken Regens im Haus des Müllers übernachten, aber nur dessen Frau ist dort und schickt ihn weg. Er kriecht deswegen auf den Boden der Scheune und beobachtet, wie die Müllersfrau den Küster, mit dem sie ein Verhältnis hat, empfängt und ihm ein üppiges Essen zubereitet. Als der Müller unerwartet nach Hause kommt, versteckt die Müllerin das Essen im Ofen und den Küster in einer Kiste. Der kleine Klaus bittet den Müller um ein Nachtlager und etwas essen; dieser empfängt ihn. Seinen Sack, in dem das Pferdefell ist, stellt der kleine Klaus unter den Tisch. Er behauptet, darin wäre ein Zauberer und beweist es, indem er vorhersagt, dass sich das Essen im Ofen und der Küster (behauptet, er sei der Teufel) in der Kiste befinden.


Little Klaus is a small farmer, who lives with his wife and seven children in poor conditions.  He works from Monday to Saturday on the farm of Big Klaus, a rich farmer.  Only on Sundays does Big Klaus lend two large horses to Little Klaus, so he can plow his land with the borrowed animals and his own horse, “Hans”.  He drives the horses on by yelling “all my horses”, which angers Big Klaus so much, that he kills Little Klaus’ horse, Hans.  In order to continue feeding his family, Little Klaus decides to sell the hide of his now dead horse.  On the way to the market, he is overtaken by a bad storm and hopes to overnight in the miller’s house.  But only the miller’s wife is there and she sends him away.  So Little Klaus crawls into the miller’s stall and observes from the hay stall how the miller’s wife is carrying on with the sexton, feeding him a sumptuous meal.  When the miller unexpectedly arrives home, his wife hides the food in the oven and the sexton in a crate.  Little Klaus begs the miller for a place to stay for the night and something to eat.  He puts the sack with the horse’s hide under the table and asserts that there’s a wizard in the sack.  And he proves so by predicting there’s food in the oven and the sexton in the crate  (whom he calls the Devil).




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008699-hell-drivers-1957-with-switchable-english-and-spanish-subtitles-.jpgHELL DRIVERS (1957) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


Joe 'Tom' Yateley is an ex-convict. Trying to leave his past behind, he decides to start working for the Hawlett Trucking company, which transports gravel. It's an aggressive company, where speed is everything. Doing too few runs in a day? You're out. Red is the most experienced trucker; he can do 18 runs in a day. Tom soon makes friends with Lucy, the secretary, and Gino, a driver. But Red’s record intrigues him and he wants to break it. Gino advises against it, but he helps Tom when he wants to go through with it. Soon trouble begins when Red and the other drivers form a united front against Tom.  Just when Tom has had enough and decides to pack his bags, Lucy tells him Gino had a terrible accident. She also tells about the corruption at Hawlett Trucking.




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0003/0003905-me-faire-ca-a-moi-it-means-that-much-to-me-1961-dubbed-into-english-.jpgME FAIRE CA A MOI (It Means That Much to Me) (1961) * dubbed into English *

Eddie MacAvoy est contacté par les services de Sécurité pour une mission délicate. Il en connaît les risques, mais la somme de 5 millions qui lui est offerte, en plus de l'occasion de se réhabiliter, n'est pas négligeable. Ses dernières fantaisies au cours d'un célèbre reportage l'ont rendu aussi indésirable parmi les truands que dans les milieux de la police. Il aura donc fort à faire pour passer inaperçu et remettre en lieu sûr le micro-film dissimulé dans une cigarette, précieux objet de sa mission. Déjà sur le bateau, une bande suspecte le surveille de près ; il trouve heureusement quelque consolation auprès d'une charmante passagère, Annie, qui semble poursuivie par les assiduités de ces mystérieux personnages.


Eddie MacAvoy is contacted by the security services for a delicate mission.  He knows it's risky; but the $5,000,000 he's been offered, as well as the opportunity to rehabilitate himself, is not negligible.  His latest story has given him a notorious reputation both in gangster as well as police circles.  He'll have to work hard to go unnoticed as he finds a  safe place for the microfilm he's got hidden in a cigarette.  On a boat in pursuit of his mission, he's already being closely monitored.  Fortunately, he's able to find some solace from charming Annie, who also seems to be the object of pursuit by these mysterious characters.




RISO AMARO (1949) * with switchable English subtitles

Francesca may be a questionable hotel maid, but she's no thief.  But at the instigation of her boyfriend Walter, she steals a necklace and makes her getaway on a train full of peasants heading out to the rice fields to weed.  Unbeknownst to Francesca, however, there's a woman onboard, who's both a questionable weeder and a thief, who steals the necklace from Francesca.  The quick-fingered weed-puller, however, doesn't know the necklace has been stolen, nor does she know, that Francesca's boyfriend -- who knows, that Francesca knows the necklace is stolen and who now knows, who has it -- is going to seduce her with the intention of getting back the necklace which belongs neither to the farm girl nor Francesca -- nor for that matter, to him -- but doesn't care, as long as he gets back what he shouldn't have in the first place. 





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0004/0004856-love-and-sacrifice-1936-with-hard-encoded-english-subtitles-.jpgLOVE AND SACRIFICE (1936) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Produced by Joseph Seiden over a two-day period with a miniscule budget in a loft overlooking New York City, the film tells the story of a middle-class matron who shoots the man, who compromises her.  The long-suffering mother shooting a would-be suitor employs many archtypes of the Yiddish theatre, from the conflict between the sacrificing mother and the homewrecking schemer, to the reunion of parent and child at a celebratory wedding.










THE MARRIAGE OF THE FAIRY PRINCESS (Fairy Couple) (1955) * with switchable English subtitles *

In the Paradise palace of Emperor Yu Huang, the emperor's youngest daughter, Seventh Fairy, accidentally sees human life.  She envies the mortals' freedoms.  She notices Dong Yong, a young man, who is going to sell himself into slavery to pay for his father's funeral.  Seventh Fairy sees his loyalty and secretly descends to Earth to marry the boy. Knowing what awaits Dong Yong in slavery, she weaves beautiful silks and sells them to buy his freedom.  Unfortunately, her disobedience has displeased Emperor Yu Huang immensely.  He orders his daughter to return to Paradise Palace and threatens to kill Dong Yong if she fails to obey.  Seventh Fairy decides she must leave her husband in order to save his life and reveals her true identity to him.  She will return to the palace and the lovers will never see one another again.




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0007/0007140-der-frosch-mit-der-maske-1959-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgDER FROSCH MIT DER MASKE (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *

Scotland Yard is baffled. A criminal gang, which calls itself "The Frogs", is causing serious trouble in England's capital. Luckily, the authorities are being helped by millionaire Richard Gordon, who's putting his own life at risk to track down the criminals. This turns out to be more dangerous than Gordon expected, for after he finds a bar, where "the frogs" do business, he's kidnapped.


Scotland Yard ist ratlos: Eine Bande, die sich selbst “die Frösche” nennt, bringt Unruhe in die englische Hauptstadt. Doch die Beamten bekommen Hilfe von dem Millionär Richard Gordon, der auf eigene Gefahr nach den Verbrechern suchen will. Dies ist allerdings wirklich gefährlich, denn nachdem Richard eine Bar gefunden hat, in der “die Frösche” und ihr Anführer angeblich verkehren, wird er entführt.






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008557-el-topo-1970-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgEL TOPO (1970) * with switchable English subtitles *


El Topo decides to confront warrior Masters on a trans-formative desert journey he begins with his 6 year old son, who must bury his childhood totems to become a man. El Topo (the mole) claims to be God, while dressed as a gunfighter in black, riding a horse through a spiritual, mystical landscape strewn with scenes out of an old Western movie and ancient Eastern religious symbols. Bandits slaughtered a village on his path, so El Topo avenges the massacred, then forcibly takes their leader's woman as his. El Topo's surreal way is bloody, sexual and self-reflective; a musing of his own demons, as he tries to vanquish those he encounters.














https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0007/0007285-beyond-the-curtain-1960.jpgA commercial flight between the West and Berlin is forced down by the Communists.  Onboard is Karen, an East German refugee, who's now going to get a lift, courtesy of the State Secret Police, back to her hometown of Dresden.  And although the cost of petrol is subsidized by the Kremlin, the Stasi have no intention of giving her a free ride.  She's going to pay for her mistake of working a flight over DDR territory by being harassed by the Commie-Gestapo into leading them to her wanted brother.  When a colleague -- and fianceé -- by the name of Jim goes to the DDR to shanghai his dumb girlfriend back to the West, he's put into situations where he has to constantly watch his back.



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RUN, VIRGIN, RUN (Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen ) (1970) $13.99  NOW ONLY $9.99

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THE SPY IN BLACK (1939) $13.99  NOW ONLY $9.99

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