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In Nazi-occupied Paris, despite a thriving appearance, many remain deprived of crucial food, including pork. In financial desperation, upright Marcel Martin begins working for the black market. On a night when he must deliver four bags of pig carcasses, he enlists the help of street artist Grandgil. Through a long night avoiding German patrols, the men make their way across Paris to deliver their goods, often more at war with each other than their actual enemy.

Paris 1942. Die Stadt befindet sich unter deutscher Besatzung. Der arbeitslose Taxifahrer Marcel Martin verdient sich mit gelegentlichen Transporten für den Schwarzmarkt etwas Geld dazu. Da sein Gehilfe verhaftet wurde sucht er nach einem neuen Partner. Eher zufällig trifft er auf Grandgil, der ins Geschäft einsteigt. Zu zweit bekommen sie einen skurillen Auftrag: Der Feinkosthändler Jambier übergibt ihnen ein schwarz geschlachtetes Schwein, aufgeteilt in vier Koffern. Martin und Grandgil sollen diese heiße Ware nun nachts durch das besetzte Paris transportieren und müssen sich dabei unter anderem mit der deutschen Gestapo auseinandersetzen.


UNE MANCHE ET LA BELLE  (1957)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Betty Farnwell, a rich widow living in Nice, decides to marry Philippe, a good-looking but self-absorbed man. No sooner has he gotten married than he meets bewitching young Eve, Betty's niece, and falls for her. Eve becomes his lover, but the trouble is she's as calculating as he is. As a result, she plans to marry a rich young man since Philippe is bound by the ties of marriage. Philippe can't stand such a prospect and decides, with the complicity of the young woman, to murder Betty.


THE DEVILS OF LOUDON  (1969)  * with switchable English, German and Spanish subtitles *

This opera revolves around the demonic collective possession suffered by the Ursuline nuns in the convent of Loudun in 1634. The story concentrates on the handsome but doomed Urbain Grandier who fights against fanaticism and evil.




During World War II, a three-year-old boy is found wandering alone in Germany. No family can be traced and it's presumed his parents and siblings have been casualties of war. The child is placed in an orphanage, from where he is subsequently adopted by a childless couple, whom he grows to love and accept as his parents. When the boy is 10 years old, his natural mother is found alive in Yugoslavia, where she survived the war as a refugee. She returns to Germany to claim her child, having lost her husband and two other children in the war. The film focuses on the moral dilemma of the situation: should the child remain with the adoptive parents who have given him a loving and happy home, or be returned to his natural mother who has lost everything else, and to what extent should the child's own wishes be taken into account? The case is finally referred to a three-man court, who will decide the child's future. 



William Potts is a hapless, clumsy schoolteacher, who just happens to be an identical body double for a notorious German general. When the army is made aware of this uncanny resemblance to the German, who they're currently holding prisoner, they decide to drop the reluctant Mr. Potts behind enemy lines. His mission is to find and retrieve information on a secret weapon the Germans are planning to use. But whilst impersonating the general, William Potts manages to infiltrate a Hitler Youth college. He also manages to make a big impression on the students, who are being trained as spies and are learning how to fit into British society. Luckily Mr. Potts is on hand to give them lots of handy hints to aid the war effort. ... Britain's, that is.



Documentary on the 1948 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XIV Olympiad. They were an international multi-sport event which was held in London, England, United Kingdom.


MASADA  (1981)

In the year 70 AD, with the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the second temple, the Jewish rebellion against Roman occupation is declared over. But Eleazar ben Ya'ir and his family flee the city vowing that the Judean War is not ended. Eleazar and his followers make their headquarters on top of the mountain fortress of Masada. From there they conduct raids on Roman occupied villages in the south of Palestine. These guerrilla attacks threaten the credibility of the declared Roman victory. The commanding general of the 10th Legion, Cornelius Flavius Silva, arranges a meeting with Eleazar to negotiate a truce. Returning to Rome, Silva's hopes to implement a truce in Judea are quashed by the Emperor Vespasian because of political pressures in the Roman Senate. Silva is sent back to Judea after securing the services of veteran Siege Commander Rubrius Gallus. Silva is also informed that his second in command, General Marcus Quadratus, and Head Tribune Merovius, are spies for the emperor's political enemy. While Silva is still in Rome, through the treachery of these two men, the truce is violently broken by the Romans. 


 WESTLER  (1985) * with switchable English subtitles *

The film tells the story of a West Berliner (Felix), who meets an East Berlin resident (Thomas) on a day visit to the Sektor and falls in love with him. Felix continues to visit East Berlin to meet his new lover, but regulations require him to leave the city by Midnight on each visit and the border guards are getting rather suspicious and annoyed by his constant crossings from the West. Wanting a life together, the two plan to arrange Thomas' flight from the DDR. Thomas flies to Prague and tries to reach the West with the help of someone who arranges escapes from the Workers' Paradise.

Der Film erzählt die Geschichte des West-Berliners Felix, der sich bei einem Tagesbesuch mit einem amerikanischen Bekannten in den Ost-Berliner Thomas verliebt. Jeweils kurz vor Mitternacht muss Felix nach West-Berlin zurückkehren und nach einiger Zeit werden die Grenzbeamten ob der häufigen Einreise des jungen Mannes argwöhnisch. Um ein gemeinsames Leben führen zu können, planen Felix und Thomas schließlich Thomas’ Flucht aus der DDR. Thomas fliegt nach Prag und versucht von dort aus, mittels eines Fluchthelfers in den Westen zu gelangen.


WE WERE ONE MAN  (1979) * with switchable English subtitles *

Autumn, 1943. Guy lives alone in a cottage in Lot-et-Garonne. He's a simpleton, who draws in a primitive style, ekes out a living in the woods, is vague about his history (claiming he was raised by a cow), and has a girl-friend in the village, Jenine. In the woods, he finds a wounded German soldier and takes him home. Rolf recovers, but Guy won't let him leave, trailing him, grabbing him, challenging him to feats of strength. Rolf stays and a friendship develops between them. Guy tells Jenine about Rolf, but they must keep him hidden or risk punishment as collaborators. When the men's friendship becomes sexual, jealousy and possessiveness bring on tragedy and pathos.


3 DVD SET:  THE ODYSSEY  (1968) * with switchable English subtitles *

After the Trojan War, Odysseus disappears for ten years in the Mediterranean Sea. On the island of Ithaca, his wife Penelope is overrun at the palace by suitors who try in every way to woo and force her to marry again. His son Telemachus decides to go searching for him. Odysseus, however, is not dead: he was captured by the nymph Calypso, who, after an intervention of the Gods, releases Odysseus. The hero sets sail, but is shipwrecked on an island. There, he is rescued by Princess Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous. The king welcomes Odysseus, who tries to conceal his identity. Finally revealed, he begins to tell about the adventures and travels he had on his way back from the Trojan War. One segment involves his encounter with Polyphemus, the Cyclops.


JAGDSZENEN AUS NIEDERBAYERN  (1969) * with switchable English subtitles *

It is with a shudder that this movie stays in one's memory. The film shows the world of a small village, full of brutality, stupidity, violence and base thoughts. Those who do not fit in are abused, marginalized, despised and cut down. The village has its code of life and tolerates no one who goes astray. Martin Sperr, who wrote the stage play for this film, plays Abram, the village mechanic, who is a closeted homosexual. When teased, he doesn't defend himself; but eventually, his pent-up rage leads to a fierce fight with Hannelore, who is carrying his child and whom he strangles to death. This results in the village mobilizing and arming themselves with clubs as they hunt down Abram. 

Mit Schaudern bleibt dieser Film im Gedächtnis. Die Welt in einem kleinen Dorf steckt voller Brutalität, Dummheit, Gewalt und Niedertracht. Wer sich nicht hineinfindet in diese dörfliche Gemeinschaft, der wird beschimpft, ausgegrenzt, verachtet und niedergemacht. Das Dorf weiß, wie es zu gehen hat und duldet keine Ausnahme. Martin Sperr hat das Bühnenstück geschrieben und spielt hier die Hauptrolle des Abram, des Dorfmechanikers, eines eher verschwiegenen Schwulen. Er wehrt sich nicht, wenn er gehänselt wird, aber seine angestaute Wut entlädt sich dann letztlich doch in einem wüsten Kampf mit Hannelore, die von ihm ein Kind erwartet und die er erwürgt. Daraufhin macht das Dorf mobil und mit Knüppeln bewaffnet suchen sie den Abram.


 LOUISE – A WORD OF LOVE  (1972) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Pierre and Paul. Pierre and Paul are two freebooters who earn their living as entertainers at parties. Just before the First World War broke out, one day in the middle of the night they meet little Isabelle in the forest. She escaped from the orphanage. They take her with them. They have been hired to cheer up the engagement party of Louisa, the daughter of the count who is getting married, against her will to Charles, an ungrateful man who only consider her noble background, and treats her disrespectfully.She grows up in a golden cage with her rich father and staff. On the day of the engagement party, just as she gives up all hope, happiness comes literally out of the blue. Pierre and Isabelle arrive by an air balloon on the estate. Louisa is quickly interested in the company hired by her father. A moment later, Paul joins. Louisa flees her suffocating environment to live a free life with them. This brings tensions when both men fall in love with her. Louisa, however, divides her love over both in a ménage à trois.


DER SONNTAGSANGLER (1954) * with switchable English subtitles *

Unpretentious and not-so-bright auto mechanic Emil lies to his wife, so he can go fishing with his son. His cousin tells him he should try his luck fishing at the estate of his lover. But when a pedantic fisherman appears and warns him against proceeding, things take a rather turbulent turn. 

Der bescheidene und etwas simple Automechaniker Émile belügt seine Frau, um mit seinem Sohn angeln zu gehen. Von seiner Cousine bekommt er den Tipp, auf dem Anwesen ihres verheirateten Liebhabers zu angeln. Als jedoch der pedantische Fischereiaufseher auftaucht und ihn verwarnt, nehmen die turbulenten Ereignisse ihren Lauf!


THE GHOST’S FEE  (1965) * with switchable English subtitles *

In Cambridge, at the end of the theological studies, Fanning, a romantic soul, walks in the countryside and sees a strange old man in an abandoned house. Unable to see him again in his subsequent passages, Fanning finally finds the old man on a bench near a graveyard and starts talking to him.

A Cambridge, en fin d'études de théologie, Fanning, l'âme romantique, se promène en pleine campagne et aperçoit un étrange vieillard dans une maison abandonnée. Ne parvenant pas à le revoir lors de ses passages suivants, Fanning finit par retrouver le vieil homme sur un banc, aux abords d'un cimetière, et se met à lui parler.


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The former convict Arnold Murer returns to his hometown in Switzerland.  At first, he is pushed away by the town’s residents. Embittered, he withdraws to the nearby quarry.  Only the girly Maiti  (“Gretl” in the High German version), the adopted daughter of the town leader, maintains contact with him.  A scandal’s on the way to breaking out, but soon turns into a happy ending, when it turns out that the girl is really Arnold Murer’s biological child.  Muret finally gets the chance to start his life over again. 

Der ehemalige Sträfling Arnold Murer kehrt in sein Heimatdorf in der Schweiz zurück. Zunächst wird er von den Bewohnern ausgestoßen; verbittert zieht er sich in den Steinbruch zurück. Allein das Mädchen Mäiti (Gretl in der hochdeutschen Fassung), die Adoptivtochter des Ortsvorstehers, hält den Kontakt zu ihm aufrecht. Ein Skandal bahnt sich an, doch dann mündet der Konflikt in einem Happy End, in dem sich herausstellt, dass Mäiti die leibliche Tochter Arnold Murers ist. Murer erhält nun endlich die Chance, sein Leben noch einmal neu zu beginnen.



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SPARROWS (1926) $13.99  NOW ONLY $9.99

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SODOM UND GOMORRHA (1922) * with switchable English subtitles * $13.99  NOW ONLY $9.99

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SUVOROV (1940) * with switchable English subtitles $13.99  NOW ONLY $9.99



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