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Recent Arrivals


 Ervinka  (1967)

Following the international success of his classic Sallah Shabbati, Ephraim Kishon once again combined his witty brand of social satire with the talents of Chaim Topol to create a memorably comic Israeli anti-hero. As the title character, a good-natured but incorrigible layabout, Topol becomes embroiled in a plot to rob the Israeli lottery, all the while indulging his boundless zeal for mischief and romance.

Der arbeitsscheue Ervinka verbringt seine Zeit damit alle möglichen Leute, wie seine Nachbarn, die Stadtverwaltung, die Polizei und sogar seine Freunde auf den Arm zu nehmen. Laut eigener Bezeichnung ist er Clown, hat jedoch keine feste Anstellung. Darum zieht er mit vielen Tricks den Leuten das Geld aus der Tasche. Hauptausgabe ist der Kauf von Lotterielosen, mittels derer er den Hauptgewinn in Höhe von 50.000 israelischen Pfund erlangen möchte. Dieses Ziel erreicht er unter Mithilfe der Polizei, welche glaubt Ervinka würde nur einen Film drehen. Bei all seinen Streichen trifft er immer wieder auf die Politesse Ruti, in die er sich verliebt. Am Ende gesteht sie ihm ihre Liebe und bewegt ihn dazu, das Geld zurückzubringen und mit seinen Streichen aufzuhören.



Die Nachtigall  (1980)

Maria and the cobbler Evan love one another, but Maria will only let the boy kiss her once he's grown enough hair on his face to produce a beard. Disappointed (to say the least), Evan leaves and runs into a magician, whose lost his wand and can't get down from a tree. Evan finds the missing wand, releases the wizard and is granted a wish. Evan, of course, wishes for a beard; but Maria doesn't like it (gee, what a surprise!) and so, he gets rid of it. Shortly thereafter, soldiers of the late king show up looking for the lost king's son. The boy had three moles on his back in a special arrangement and the wizard, who finally wants to get out of debt to Evan, puts these moles on his back. Evan is now mistaken for the missing boy and is brought to the castle. Maria the Tease is (rightly) left alone.

Maria und der Schuster Evan lieben sich, doch will Maria sich erst von Evan küssen lassen, wenn der alt genug für Bartwuchs ist. Evan geht enttäuscht davon und trifft auf einen Zauberer, der seinen Zauberstab verloren hat und sich daher nicht aus einem Baum retten kann. Evan findet den Zauberstab und rettet den Zauberer, der ihm daraufhin einen Wunsch freigibt. Evan wünscht sich einen Bart, doch gefällt dieser Maria nicht, sodass sie den Bart wieder wegzaubern lässt. Kurze Zeit später erscheinen Soldaten des verstorbenen Königs bei Evan, sind sie doch auf der Suche nach dem verschollenen Königssohn. Der hatte auf dem Rücken drei Muttermale in bestimmter Anordnung, und der Zauberer, der Evan endlich einen Wunsch erfüllen will, zaubert Evan diese drei Muttermale auf den Rücken. Evan gilt nun als der verschollene Königssohn und wird zum Schloss gebracht. Maria bleibt allein zurück. 



Die stolze Prinzessin  (1952)

Once upon a time, long ago, lived a king by the name of Miroslav in a far off land. All his subjects honored him, for he was just, brave and clever. He knew that all work done carefully and honestly had worth. He had a friendly word for everyone. One day, he heard a tale about the beautiful, but very proud, Princess Thousandbeauty, the only daughter of the King of the Midnight Kingdom, and wanted her hand in marriage. But without even having seen him, the princess coldly turned down the offer. King Miroslav then decided to secretly go to the castle of the king of the Midnight Kingdom and disguised himself as a simple gardener. Seeing her up close, Miroslav understood that the princess was basically a good person. He tried to win her over by singing a song from her childhood. Unfortunately, for many years, it had been forbidden to sing in the Midnight Kingdom. 

Vor vielen Jahren lebt in einem fernen Land der junge König Miroslav. Sein ganzes Volk verehrt ihn, denn er ist gütig und gerecht, mutig und klug. Er weiß, dass jede Arbeit, die sorgsam und ehrlich getan wird, ihren Wert hat. Für alle und jeden hat er ein freundliches Wort. Eines Tages hört er von der wunderschönen, jedoch sehr stolzen Prinzessin Tausendschön, der einzigen Tochter des Königs des mitternächtlichen Reiches, und hält schließlich um ihre Hand an. Ohne ihn jedoch je gesehen zu haben, lehnt die Prinzessin den Antrag eiskalt ab. Daraufhin begibt sich König Miroslav heimlich zum Schloss des mitternächtlichen Königs und heuert dort als Gärtner an. Er erkennt, dass die Prinzessin im Grunde guten Wesens ist. Mit einem Lied aus ihrer Kindheit versucht er sie zu erweichen. Singen ist jedoch schon seit langer Zeit im mitternächtlichen Reich verboten.



Abschied  (1968)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

In August 1914, amidst the public ecstasy surrounding the impending war, Hans Gastl, a seventeen year-old in Munich, makes a decision: he will not take part in this war. This resolution signifies a turning point in his life; a farewell to his class and his family. His notions of "transformation" are still nebulous, but are nevertheless linked with a sensible life in a just society. The resolution does not come spontaneously: since he was a child, Gastl, the son of a senior public prosecutor, has rebelled against the decadence and mere appearance of morality in his parent's household. In relating to his schoolmates Feck and Freyschlag, he was constantly torn between admiring their courage and abhorring their evil pranks. He thinks about his friendship with Löwenstein, a Jew, and Hartinger, a boy from the working class, and about his tragic love for the prostitute Fanny.

Im August 1914, im allgemeinen Freudentaumel über den bevorstehenden Krieg, trifft der 17jährige Münchner Bürgersohn Hans Gastl eine Entscheidung: Er wird diesen Krieg nicht mitmachen. Dieser Entschluß bedeutet eine Wende in seinem Leben, Abschied von seiner Klasse, seiner Familie. Seine Vorstellungen vom "Anderswerden" sind noch nebulös, doch sie verbinden sich mit einem sinnvollen Leben in einer gerechten Gesellschaft. Der Entschluß kommt nicht spontan: Schon als Kind rebellierte Gastl, der Sohn eines Oberstaatsanwalts, gegen die Saturiertheit und Scheinmoral im Elternhaus. In der Beziehung zu seinen Mitschülern Feck und Freyschlag war er ständig hin- und hergerissen zwischen Bewunderung für deren Mut und Abscheu vor den üblen Streichen. Er denkt an die Freundschaft mit dem Juden Löwenstein und dem Arbeiterjungen Hartinger und die tragisch endende Liebe mit der Prostituierten Fanny.



Schwarzwalder Kirsch  (1958)

Two vagabonds make their way musically through the Black Forest. Their journey eventually leads them to a spa town, in which they're mistaken for two well-known personages. Not only that, but someone's come up with the brilliant idea of erecting a memorial to them! The two bums play along, not the least because it;s proving profitable to do so. In the end, the hoodwinked townspeople catch on to their mistake, but no worries: everything ends in perfect peace and harmony. Who knew being homeless could be so much fun!

Zwei Landstreicher ziehen musizierend durch den Schwarzwald. Ihre Wanderung führt sie in einen Kurort, in dem sie für zwei bekannte Persönlichkeiten gehalten werden, denen man ein Denkmal errichten will. Die beiden Landstreicher machen das Spiel mit, da sie einige Vorteile davon haben. Am Ende wird der Irrtum zwar bemerkt, doch alles endet in schönster Harmonie.


Immer Arger mit dem Bett  (1961)

Staid criminologist and housewife Rosemarie Schulze is suspected of committing a crime herself, when some unfortunate confusion leads the authorities to suspect she's a prostitute; and her husband has the pleasure of finding out about it after some inquiries into the trouble. Luckily, her cleaning lady, Erna Meyer, turns out to be smarter than all of them and provides some timely advice to the missus.

Die biedere Kriminalisten-Ehefrau Rosemarie Schulze gerät durch unglückliche Verwechslungen in den Verdacht, einem Callgirlring anzugehören - dem ausgerechnet auch noch ihr Ehegatte bei seinen Ermittlungen auf die Schliche kommt. Doch ihre Putzfrau Erna Meyer weiß Rat.


The Tale of Tsar Saltan  (1967)  * with Russian and German audio and switchable English subtitles *

Three sisters are sitting by the window telling each other what they would do if the Tsar marries them. The first one would arrange a wedding banquet for all people, the second would dress everyone elegantly. The third and the youngest, however, says: "I would not give the Tsar money and goods, but instead a son with strength and courage." The Tsar, who hears this conversation, takes the youngest woman as his wife. He places the other two as court cook and weaver. Envious of their youngest sister, the two join and come to the Tsar's court. Sometime later, the Tsar must go to war. His wife tells him in a letter that she gave birth to a son. The Tsar's reply is intercepted by the sisters and the mother-in-law and falsified to be so that the wife and son are sealed in a keg and thrown into the sea. After a while they find themselves on a beach of a barren island. There the adult son rescues the life of a swan. This swan is an enchanted princess. She creates a beautiful city for the mother and son, whose inhabitants make him Prince Gwidon. The swan also helps Gwidon disguised as an insect to see his father. Sometime later, the Tsar - against the wish of the sisters - comes to this city and recognizes his wife and son again.

Drei Schwestern sitzen am Fenster und erzählen sich, was sie tun würden, wenn der Zar sie heiraten würde. Die erste würde ein Hochzeitsmahl für alle Menschen ausrichten, die zweite würde alle fein einkleiden. Die dritte und jüngste aber sagt: „Ich gäb' dem Zaren nicht Geld und Gut, doch einen Sohn mit Kraft und Mut.“ Der Zar, der dieses Gespräch mit angehört hat, nimmt die Jüngste zur Frau. Die beiden anderen stellt er als Hofköchin und als Weberin an. Neidisch auf ihre jüngste Schwester fügen sich die beiden und kommen so an den Zarenhof. Einige Zeit später muss der Zar in den Krieg ziehen. Seine Frau teilt ihm in einem Brief mit, dass sie einen Sohn zur Welt gebracht hat. Der Antwortbrief des Zaren wird von den Schwestern und der Schwiegermutter abgefangen und dahingehend verändert, dass Frau und Sohn in ein Fass geschlagen und dem Meer übergeben werden sollen. Daraufhin werden die beiden ins Meer gestürzt. Sie werden an den Strand einer kahlen Insel gespült. Dort rettet der inzwischen erwachsene Sohn einem Schwan das Leben. Dieser Schwan ist eine verzauberte Prinzessin. Sie lässt für Mutter und Sohn eine wunderschöne Stadt entstehen, deren Einwohner ihn zum Fürsten Gwidon machen. Der Schwan hilft Gwidon auch, unerkannt in der Gestalt eines Insekts seinen Vater zu sehen. Einige Zeit später kommt der Zar – gegen den Wunsch der Schwestern – in diese Stadt und erkennt seine Frau und seinen Sohn wieder.



The Saragossa Manuscript  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles *

In the Napoleonic wars, an officer finds an old book which tells his grandfather's story: Alfons van Worden, a captain in the Wallonian guard. A man of honor and courage, he seeks the shortest route through the Sierra Morena. At an inn, the Venta Quemada, he dines with two Islamic princesses. They call him their cousin and seduce him; he wakes up next to corpses, under a gallows. He meets a hermit priest and a goatherd; each tells his story. He wakes up again, by the gallows. He's rescued from the Inquisition, meets a cabalist and hears more stories within stories, usually of love. He returns to Venta Quemada; the women await with astonishing news.




Kathe Kollwitz – Bilder eines Lebens  (1986)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Scenes from the life of the great artist are connected to the important events of her day, from the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 til her death in 1945. When the First World War began, Kathe Kollwitz was already 47 years old, well-known, admired and the recipient of many prizes for her art. Much to her horror, her youngest son Peter voluntarily reports for service as a soldier and is killed in action two weeks later. The pain of his death will never leave her and will be reflected in her works. The fate of the poor, whom she runs into every day, also finds a place in her works. Kathe Kollwitz lives with her husband, Dr. Karl Kollwitz, in the workers' quarter of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, where he cares for low-income laborers. When revolution breaks out in Germany at the end of the war and is bloodily put down, she loses all hope for an improvement in the living conditions of those around her in the near future. Nevertheless, Kathe uses her art to appeal for help for the destitute. When the Nazis take power in 1933, it isn't long before she's on their list of undesirables and she's forced to "voluntarily" resign her position at the academy where she teaches. Forced by Allied air raids to leave Berlin in 1943, she spends her last years alone and ill in Dresden.

Stationen aus dem Leben der großen Künstlerin, verbunden mit wichtigen Zeitereignissen - von 1914 bis kurz vor ihrem Tod im Jahre 1945. Käthe Kollwitz ist 47 Jahre zu Beginn des ersten Weltkrieges, bekannt, geschätzt und Inhaberin mehrerer Preise. Ihr jüngster Sohn Peter meldet sich zu ihrem Entsetzen freiwillig als Soldat und fällt bereits zwei Wochen später. Dieses schmerzliche Ereignis wird sie nie wieder loslassen und findet Niederschlag in ihrer Kunst. Ebenso wie das Schicksal der Armen, denen sie täglich begegnet. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann, dem Armenarzt Karl Kollwitz, im Berliner Arbeiterviertel Prenzlauer Berg. Das blutige Ende der Novemberrevolution zerstört ihre Hoffnung auf eine baldige Verbesserung der Lebensverhältnisse, doch mit ihrer Kunst tritt sie auch weiter dafür ein. Bei den Nazis steht sie bald auf dem Index und wird gezwungen, "freiwillig" aus der Akademie auszutreten. Während des zweiten Weltkriegs wird sie aus Berlin verwiesen. Die letzte Zeit vor ihrem Tod verbringt sie einsam und krank in Dresden.



The Noose  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *

One day in the life of an alcoholic. With the help of his girlfriend Krysia, Kuba attempts to regain control of his life; but when she's at work, Kuba is home alone, and it becomes hard not to resist the temptation.



O Costa do Costelo  (1943)  * with switchable English subtitles *

The unlikely love between Luisinha, a humble girl who lives on a small pension in Lisbon, and Daniel, a wealthy aristocrat, who decides to fight for the girl he loves against the prejudices of his family.



Hilfe, Meine Braut klaut  (1964)

Commercial artist Valentin Haase falls in love with charming Elisabeth, who apparently has neither a lot of money nor a job. Thus, Valentin is more than a little disturbed to find that his beloved is constantly surrounded by expensive baubles. For him, there can only be one explanation for this: Elisabeth's a filthy kleptomaniac! Too bad he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to confront his bride, for had he done so, he would've discovered she's the boss' daughter.

Der brave Werbezeichner Valentin Haase verliebt sich in die charmante Elisabeth, die anscheinend nur wenig Geld und keinen Job hat. Umso erschütterter ist er, als er immer wieder teure Gegenstände bei seiner Angebeteten findet. Für Valentin gibt es nur eine Erklärung: Elisabeth leidet unter Kleptomanie. Was er nicht ahnt: er hat ausgerechnet mit der Tochter seines obersten Chefs angebandelt



Die Zwillinge vom Immenhof  (1973)

Thing have changed a lot since Dick and Dalli came to Immenhof. Now, twins Bobby and Billy live there and for them, nothing could be nicer. Too bad their father's lease has been terminated and just then, Dalli shows up again.

Es hat sich viel verändert, seit Dick und Dalli auf dem Immenhof unterwegs waren. Nun leben dort die Zwillinge Bobby und Billy und für beide gibt es nichts Schöneres. Doch der Pachtvertrag ihres Vaters wurde gekündigt und just zu diesem Zeitpunkt kehrt Dalli zurück.



The Love of Jeanne Ney  (1927)

In the Crimea, the Reds and the Whites aren't done fighting, and Jeanne discovers that the man she loves is a Bolshevik (when he kills her father). Penniless, she returns to Paris where she works for her uncle. Soon after, her lover Andreas appears in France to organize the sailors in Toulon. Also there is a thief, traitor, and libertine, Khalibiev, who wants to seduce Jeanne. His schemes, Jeanne and Andreas's naivete, and a lost diamond bring the lovers to the brink of tragedy.



The Murderer lives at Number 21  (1942)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Dapper Inspector Vorobechik ('Wens' for short) is assigned the case of a serial killer who leaves a calling card on his victims, reading "Monsieur Durand". Wens' mistress, struggling actress Mila Malou, determines to get publicity for herself by helping him. Learning that Durand is one of the eccentric tenants of a boarding house at No. 21 Avenue Junot, Wens takes a room in the guise of a Protestant minister; only to be followed by Mila who hardly seems like a minister's wife! Suspects are arrested, but while each is in jail, there's another murder.




Wenn suss das Mondlicht auf den Hugeln schlaft  (1969)

The Summer holidays have begun and the Pentecosts want to take a trip. Most of all, their young son, Gaylord, looks forward to the upcoming trip with his parents and his newborn sister Amanda. But then, the family gets some bad news: Mother May's brother has had a bad accident and is in critical condition in a hospital in Mumbai. Until he's better, the family has to temporarily adopt and watch after their nieces and nephews. It doesn't take long, however, before Gaylord has had enough with his cousins, who are just a bit too rambunctious for the uptight little boy with the name his parents should be sued for giving him.

Die Sommerferien haben begonnen, und die Pentecosts wollen verreisen. Vor allem der kleine Gaylord freut sich auf die bevorstehende Reise mit seinen Eltern und seiner neugeborenen Schwester Amanda. Doch dann erreicht die Familie eine schlimme Nachricht: Der Bruder von Mutter May liegt nach einem schweren Unfall in Mumbai im Krankenhaus. Bis der Onkel wieder gesund ist, nimmt die Familie daher die beiden Nichten und den Neffen bei sich auf. Gaylord jedoch ist schnell genervt von seinen Cousinen, die für einigen Trubel im Haus sorgen.



Frau im Mond  (1929)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Thirty years ago, at a scientific conference, Professor Manfeldt presented his theory on the existence of gold on the Moon. It was greeted with laughter by the assembled academics. Today, Herr Helius has ambitious plans to build a spaceship ... and take it to the Moon! Windegger, his chief engineer, will be going, and so will Professor Manfeldt, now living in a cramped garret alone with his theory. But there are disagreements with the financiers, who insist that their man Turner also accompany the flight. The unmanned Rocket H 32 brings back valuable information from the dark side of the Moon. Helius is upset by the news of Windegger's engagement to pretty Friede. And the financiers have a secret agenda: to control the world's gold supply. Finally, the Spaceship "Friede" is ready as it rolls out on its gantry for takeoff. The staged rocket works as planned, but the acceleration is fierce. As they approach the Moon, they discover a stowaway on board, Gustav, a little boy.

Sechs Menschen treten die erste Fahrt zum Mond an: ein sonderlicher Professor, der behauptet, dass es dort Gold gibt, und sein junger Freund Helius, der die Rakete gebaut hat. Mit an Bord sind noch Chefingenieur Windegger und seine Verlobte Friede, in die auch Helius heimlich verliebt ist, der Agent eines Wirtschaftssyndikats, das das Mondgold kontrollieren will, sowie ein kleiner Junge, der sich als blinder Passagier an Bord geschmuggelt hat. Auf dem Mond kommt es zum Kampf um das Gold. Als der Sauerstoffbehälter beschädigt wird, muss einer auf dem Mond zurückbleiben, damit die anderen sicher zur Erde zurückkehren können. Helius bleibt, aber als er der startenden Rakete nachsieht und sich umdreht, sieht er, dass Friede bei ihm geblieben ist.



The Falcon Fighters  (1969)  * with switchable English subtitles *

In the days leading up to the Second Sino-Japanese War of 1937, head flight instructor Kato Tateo of the Imperial Japanese Army-Air Corps trains new crop of volunteers from the Army's Infantry to become Japan's next generation of fighter pilots. Flying early biplanes, Kato will train both friend and future foe alike. But as war in China breaks out, Kato will take his untested men flying antiquated planes into aerial combat against the Chinese Air Force who is now headed by Lt. Cho who Kato had both earlier befriended and personally trained. While Kato's squadron achieves air superiority over China, it comes at a high price in men to which each loss carries a heavy burden that he alone must bear. As the war progresses into the Second World War, Kato must now battle an ever advancing array of deadlier newer enemies flying ever more modern fighter planes. In a time when "To Serve was to Die," Kato will rise through the ranks and defy the military logic of the day of an indifferent Army military brass to push for the development and production of the Peregrine Falcon in an effort to arm Japan's pilots with modern fighter planes that would give his men a fighting chance of survival in the deadly aerial combat.



The Ware Case  (1938)

A financier is accused of murder when his brother-in-law is found dead in his garden pond. After winning the court case, he returns home to find that his lawyer has romantic inclinations towards his wife.



Sign of the Pagan  (1954)

Roman centurion Marcian is captured by Attila the Hun en route to Constantinople, but escapes. On arrival, he finds the Eastern Roman emperor Theodosius plotting with Attila to look the other way while the latter marches against Rome. Marcian, however, gains the favor of Pulcheria, lovely sister of Theodosius, who favors a united Empire. As Attila marches, things look bleak for the weakened imperial forces. But the conqueror is in awe of the power of the Christians' God.



Perceval le Gallois  (1978)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

After having lost two sons in battle and a husband to grief, Perceval's mother does her best to isolate her son from even the idea of chivalry and knighthood. But the young boy reads about knights and their exploits, and cannot help but commit to becoming one. His extreme naiveté and innocence work again and again to his advantage, eventually vouchsafing him both a glimpse of the Holy Grail and a meeting with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. After having lost two sons in battle and a husband to grief, Perceval's mother does her best to isolate her son from even the idea of chivalry and knighthood. But the young boy reads about knights and their exploits, and cannot help but commit to becoming one. His extreme naiveté and innocence work again and again to his advantage, eventually vouchsafing him both a glimpse of the Holy Grail and a meeting with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.



Julius Caesar  (1970)

The growing ambition of Julius Caesar is a source of major concern to his close friend Brutus. Cassius persuades him to participate in his plot to assassinate Caesar, but they have both sorely underestimated Mark Antony.



Die Schlussel  (1964)

Eric Martin is disappointed, because his brother Philip, who has unexpectedly come to visit Eric in London while on leave from the German Army, wants to leave almost immediately for Dublin to see the wife of a friend, to whom he must pass on the news, that her husband is now dead. In any event, he never gets there. Philip is found some time later in a hotel in Maidenhead ... dead. It turns out that the suicide everyone thought was the cause of his death is no suicide. While Inspector Hyde is determined to find out how the boy really died, brother Eric starts getting his own clues and decides to follow up on the mystery by himself. Later, Eric Martin finds the body of the antiques dealer Thomas Quale in the trunk of his car. In the antique dealer's basement are countless photos showing the alleged married couple Reynolds. Since Eric was the first on the scene of the crime, he's interrogated for hours by the cops. Inspector Hyde, however, is convinced Eric is innocent. Now, the case takes an unexpected turn ... 

Eric Martin ist enttäuscht, denn sein Bruder Philip, der ihn während seines Urlaubes vom Wehrdienst in Deutschland überraschend in London besucht, möchte gleich weiter nach Dublin reisen, zu der Frau seines Freundes, um ihr die Todes Nachricht ihres Mannes zu überbringen. Er kommt allerdings nie dort an. Philip wird etwas später tot in einem Hotel in Maidenhead aufgefunden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass der erst vermeintliche Selbstmord keiner war. Während Inspector Hyde sich noch um den Fall kümmert, bekommt Philips Bruder Eric einen Schlüssel zugespielt. Auch Eric ermittelt jetzt auf eigene Faust. Später findet Eric Martin im Kofferraum seines Wagens die Leiche des Antiquitätenhändlers Thomas Quale. Im Keller des Antiquitätenhändlers finden sich auch zahlreiche Abzüge des Fotos, das das angebliche Ehepaar Reynolds zeigt. Da Eric Martin der erste am Tatort war, wird er von der Polizei gleich stundenlang verhört. Inspector Hyde glaubt aber allmählich an die Unschuld Erics. Der Fall nimmt nun eine unerwartete Wendung …



Eine Reise ins Gluck  (1958)

Eberwein, Renate and Otto run a bar high above the Rhine, overlooking the romantic Lorelei. But no one wants to climb high above the Rhine in these post-war days and things look bleak for the future. However, out of the blue, Renate receives a letter to say that she has inherited an inn in Florence, and it seems their troubles are over. They set off in their old car, and have to get towed most of the way ..., by a steam roller, a tractor, the carabinieri, and finally by a friendly priest. When they get to their inheritance, they find it's in worse shape than the bar they left behind. Renate goes round the banks to try to get a loan to do the place up, but without success. It looks like a case of out of the frying pan ... but there are two glimmers of light on the horizon; the first is that there is a large secret cavern behind the inn's cellar, containing unimagined possibilities; and the second is that the friendly priest has some money to lend them.

Die Geschäfte des Gastwirts Eberwein laufen schlecht, der einzige Stammgast ist der Gerichtsvollzieher. Bis seine Nichte Renate überraschend ein Weingut in der Toskana erbt. So beschließen Eberwein, Renate und der treue Kellner Otto ihr Glück im sonnigen Süden zu versuchen und brechen ihre Zelte in der Heimat ab. Nach einer Reise voller Pannen kommen sie mit ihrem altersschwachen Auto in der Toskana an. Dort finden sie aber statt blühender Weinberge nur einen heruntergekommenen Gutshof. Zu allem Überfluss legt ihnen der hinterhältige Weinhändler Romeo Brandolini Steine in den Weg, um sie so zum billigen Verkauf des Gutes zu überreden. Was nur er weiß: Im Keller lagern wahre Weinschätze. Aber Romeos Bruder Carlo will den Deutschen helfen, nicht zuletzt, weil er sich in die hübsche Renate verliebt hat. Es kommt, wie es kommen muss, Romeo bricht in das geheime Weinlager ein, aber auch Eberwein und Otto sind dem wertvollen Geheimnis auf die Spur gekommen.




Beauties of the Night  (Les Belles de Nuit)  (1952)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Young Claude, teacher by day, is a struggling composer by night. Alas, everyone around him seems to prefer noise to music. But in his dreams, he lives in other eras where he is appreciated, lionized, and the conqueror of delicious women (idealized forms of women he's seen in waking life). The dreams are suitably dreamlike, yet have a kind of reality, for he revisits them after waking. The conflict between waking and dream worlds leads to amusing, strange, even fantastic situations. Which world will prevail?




Das Totenschiff  (1959)  * with switchable English subtitles *

After a line of mischief, Philip Gale, an American sailor, is lured into hiring on the "Yorikke", a tramp cargo, by Lawski, a stoker from Poland. Still, the two become friends within the motley crew of losers from all nations. Gale and his new companion soon are more than disillusioned: the "Yorikke" is far from seaworthy and more of a coffin than a ship; work is close to slavery, and treatment by the officers and their subalterns is harsh and cynical. One day they make an alarming discovery in a tin of plum butter they have procured from the ship's cargo.

Der amerikanische Seemann Philip Gale ist vom Pech verfolgt: Erst verpasst er sein Schiff, weil er zu lange mit einer belgischen Schönheit im Bett lag. Dann stellt er fest, dass die Frau ihm Geld und Ausweis gestohlen hat. Und schließlich wird er von der belgischen Polizei aufgegriffen. Da er sich nicht ausweisen kann, schiebt man ihn ins benachbarte Holland ab. Dort hofft er auf die Hilfe des amerikanischen Konsuls, doch der teilt ihm mit, dass die Beschaffung neuer Papiere sehr lang dauern kann, zumal Philip nicht einmal beweisen kann, dass er wirklich Amerikaner ist. Da Philip die endlose Prüfung seiner Identität nicht abwarten will, schmuggelt er sich über die Grenze nach Frankreich. Dort will er auf einem Schiff anheuern, dass ihn zurück nach Amerika bringt. An Bord der "Yorikke" findet er Arbeit, aber schon bald muss er erkennen, auf was für einem Seelenverkäufer er sich befindet: Die "Yorikke" ist ein "Totenschiff". Hochversichert, aber mit wertloser Fracht beladen, ist sie dazu bestimmt unterzugehen, damit der Reeder die Versicherungssumme kassieren kann. Es geht um Leben und Tod. Philip gibt nicht auf. Gemeinsam mit dem Heizer Lawski schmiedet er einen Plan.


Then I sentenced Them All to Death  (1972)  * with multiple, switchable subtitles *

During World War II, just before the Romanians switched sides on August 23rd 1944, a German soldier is found murdered in a Romanian village. The dead soldier's superior threatens the villagers, that unless the perpetrator is handed over by the following morning, they will all face reprisals. In order to avoid this, the village intellectuals try to convince Ipu, the village idiot, to take the blame for the murder and save them.



Boulevard  (1960)  * with multiple, switchable subtitles *

Jojo lives in the attic of an aparment building in Pigalle. He left home after realizing his stepmother never liked him. Among his many neighbors is gorgeous Jenny Dorr, a nightclub dancer, whose lover he dreams of becoming one day. But since Jojo's only sixteen years old, Jenny's shown herself to be kind and motherly, but nothing more. Worse, she's Dicky's lover, a mediocre boxer who spends a good deal of his time loafing in Pigalle's cafes. Jojo, on the other hand, has no income and must absolutely find work; especially as he's been wooing Marietta, another neighbor and a young lady more suited to his age. Selling magazines helps (for a while); but posing as Narcissus for two gay artists proves to be a disaster. When things start going really badly for Jojo, the boy tries to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the apartment building.



Maddalena, Zero in Conduct  (1940)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Ms. Elisa teaches Commercial Writing in a women's school, where all the practice correspondence is sent to a fictional "Mr. Hartmann" in Vienna at an equally non-existent Austrian address. Elisa, ever the romantic, entrusts her dreams to the letters she writes to the phantom man. One of these letters, however, is found by Maddalena Lenci and is sent through the mail. And while the results should've been wasted postage and an annoyed post office official sending the letter back as undeliverable, it turns out that a certain "Carlo Hartmann" does exist; and at the address on the envelope! No doubt hoping to escape a few days of oppressive, German fascism, Mr. Hartmann runs off to Rome to meet the girl who sent the letter and to spend some time in less-brutal fascist Italy. But the fun doesn't end there: back in Rome, Mr. Hartmann has a cousin, who falls in love with Maddalena, thinking she's Elisa! Totally believable, huh?

La signorina Elisa insegna scrittura commerciale in una scuola femminile, dove tutte le lettere, per convenzione, vengono inviate ad un inesistente signor Hartman di Vienna ad un indirizzo altrettanto inesistente. Elisa è romantica e affida i suoi sogni a lettere che scrive al fantomatico Hartman. Ma una di queste lettere viene trovata da Maddalena Lenci e imbucata. Carlo Hartman però esiste, proprio a quell'indirizzo e ricevuta la lettera corre a Roma per incontrare la ragazza. Ma a Roma c'è anche suo cugino che si innamora di Maddalena scambiandola per Elisa.



The Two of Us  (1967)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

During the final months of the German occupation of France, Claude, a Jewish child, is sent to an elderly couple in the countryside to avoid deportation to the East. The husband, Pepe, fought in the First World War for France. Anti-Semitic, he continues to accuse the Jews, Communists and Freemasons of being the cause of all the evils in his country. But the arrival of Claude, whose parents have absolutely forbidden him to reveal his Jewish origins, will cause Pepe to question his beliefs.

Durant les derniers mois de l'occupation allemande, Claude, un enfant juif, est envoye par ses parents, pour eviter les rafles nazies, a la campagne chez un couple de personnes agees: Pepe et Meme. Pepe est un ancien poilu de la premiere guerre mondiale. Antisemite, il ne cesse d'accuser les juifs, les communistes et les Francs-maçons d'être la cause de tous les maux de la France. Mais l'arrivee de Claude, auquel ses parents ont formellement interdit de reveler ses origines juives, va quelque peu bouleverser les certitudes de Pepe.



The Seed of Man  (1969)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

During a Post-Apocalyptic period in the near future, the majority of the European population is wiped out by some sort of undefined plague. Cino and Dora, a young couple, are rounded up by what serves as the authorities on an isolated temporary base. They are examined and given antibiotics which will protect them for six months, told to pick out a deserted house to live in, and use that time to conceive a child. They are later visited by an enigmatic group of black-clothed, initially threatening vigilantes, who are evidently satisfied with the couple when they hear that a child is contemplated. However, despite her evident fondness for Cino, Dora is reluctant to try to conceive a baby. Then their domestic tranquility is interrupted by a beautiful French interloper who seems as if she is more than willing to fill in for Nora and conceive Cino's children.




The Conscript  (1974)  * with switchable English and French subtitles *

1833: The newly-formed kingdom of Belgium fears a Dutch invasion to crush their independence. In a bid to prevent this, an army is created with recruits drawn by lot in each locality. Jan Braems, a poor, naive farm Knecht. agrees to sell his exemption from military service to a rich family for a hefty sum, so their son can escape the dangers of a possible armed conflict. But life in the army is even harsher than that on the farm; especially for an illiterate, Flemish speaking boy, who can't understand the orders of his Wallonian superiors. It also doesn't help that Jan is not exactly disposed to the disciplined life of the military. It isn't long before he gets into all kinds of trouble, including gambling and getting VD. When his girlfriend from back home goes looking for him, her life becomes doomed as well.



Man, Woman and Beast  (1977)  * with switchable English subtitles *

The film takes place in a humble Italian Catholic village, where everyone is acquainted with each other but no one truly knows about the secret that they all live. The entire community is preparing for the annual religious festival. There's the local butcher who covets the town's young teenagers and then goes into the freezer and makes love to hanging beef carcasses. The teenage daughter who has sex with her father and becomes pregnant at her grandfather's funeral. The communist drunkard who beats and rapes his wife. She lives through her dreams and fantasies or she'll go crazy. The Christ-like stranger who does not have a name. The women fantasize about him. The children all adore him but he does not belong to the village. He always seems to be at the right place at the right time. And there's a bizarre artist who clips out pictures of internal organs from medical journals and pastes them on magazine models with a completely insane wife who never speaks.


this months features.JPG



Inge Peters has a guilty conscience.  She told her mother, that she’d be going to the weekend house at the lake with her friend Barbara, but in reality, the horny girl is taking Peter with her.  She’s afraid, that if mom finds out, she’s gonna lecture her again, starting with the slogan, “In your time as it once was in mine …”  So Inge spends her nights in bed dreaming dreams of young ladies breaking moral taboos … just like she did and about which she now has to deceive her mother.  The next morning, she runs to the shore of the lake to spend time with her Peter, only to see mom standing before the two young teens.

Inge Peters hat ein schlechtes Gewissen. Ihrer Mutter hat sie erzählt, sie würde mit ihrer Freundin Bärbel in das Wochenendhaus am See fährt, in Wahrheit aber ist Freund Peter ihr Begleiter. Sie hat Angst, dass ihre Mutter ihr unter dem Motto "Seinerzeit zu meiner Zeit ..." eine Moralpredigt halten könnte.  So liegt Inge des Nachts in ihrem Bett, und ihre Gewissensbisse lassen sie mehrere Träume erleben, in denen sich junge Frauen entschlossen gegen alle Konventionen durchsetzen – genau wie Inge glaubte, ihre Mutter hintergehen zu müssen. Am nächsten Morgen balgt sie am Ufer des Sees verliebt mit ihrem Peter herum, da steht plötzlich ihre Mutter vor den zwei jungen Leuten ...



The Steel Lady  (1953)


The Steel Lady in this crazy-quilt actioner is the armored tank commandeered by star Rod Cameron.  Marooned in the Sahara desert,airplane pilot Mike Monohan and his melting-pot crew come across a deserted Afrika Korps tank.  As they roll across the burning sands in search of civilization, the crew is unaware that hidden within the tank is a fortune in diamonds.   But villainous sheik Mustapha El Melek does know, and he manages to enlist Monohan's drunken co-pilot Barlow in his scheme to claim the gems for himself.



Die unsichtbare Front  (1933)

Ellen takes a train to Berlin and is offered a position as a saleslady in a music shop. She is to get in touch with "Aunt Jenny". Later on, she is sent off to Copenhagen with a counterfeit passport and a violin, where she is informed by Larsen, a German agent, that the violin contains important, stolen documents. Since she now finds herself an unwilling accomplice in a game of international espionage, she wishes to correct her blunder by helping out German counterintelligence.

Ellen, ein deutsches Pensionatsmädchen, bekommt im Zug nach Berlin eine Stellung als Verkäuferin in einer Musikalienhandlung angeboten: Sie soll sich bei "Tante Jenny" melden. Später wird sie mit einem falschen Pass und einer Geige nach Kopenhagen geschickt, wo sie von Larsen, einem deutschen Agenten, darüber informiert wird, dass der Inhalt der Geige gestohlene wichtige Dokumente sind. Da sie nun in die Netze der internationalen Spionage geraten ist, will sie ihren Fehler durch Arbeit für die deutsche Abwehr wieder gutmachen.



Seitensprunge  (1940)


An honest clerk and a cheeky sales rep are ordered by their boss to reserve a first class hotel room with a bath for the visit of an exporter from Hamburg and his wife.  Following a cancellation of the room due to a misunderstanding, there’s non-stop confusion, because one of the employees is spending the night in the hotel room on the first day of his honeymoon. 

Ein braver Büroangestellter und ein frecher Handelsvertreter erhalten vom Chef den Auftrag, für den Besuch eines Hamburger Exporteurs und dessen Frau ein erstklassiges Hotelzimmer mit Bad reservieren zu lassen. Infolge einer mißverständlichen Absage kommt es zum pausenlosen Durcheinander, weil der Angestellte mit seiner Frau ihren ersten Hochzeitstag im angemieteten Hotelzimmer verbringen.



Liebesgeschichten  (1943)


Berlin, 1890:  Werner Ludtke is only nine years old, but this son of a shoemaker is already in love with his playmate, Felicitas von Graefe.  At first, her father just laughs about this infatuation; but as the children start to grow up, the class-conscious gentlemen doesn’t find this crush all too swell.  Werner’s mother has a solution:  her son must join the Army and go far away from Felicitas.

Berlin, 1890: Werner Lüdtke ist gerade mal neun Jahre alt und doch schwärmt der Sohn eines Schuhmachers schon für seine Spielkameradin Felicitas von Graefe. Deren Vater belächelt diese Schwärmerei zunächst, doch als die Kinder heranwachsen, sieht der standesbewusste Mann die zarte Verbindung gar nicht mehr gerne. Werners Mutter weiß nur eine Lösung: ihr Sohn muss zum Militär, weit weg von Felicitas. 



Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs  (1924)  * with switchable English subtitles *

The likeable and carefree Grand Duke of Abacco is in dire straits. There is no money left to service the State's debt; the main creditor is looking forward to expropriating the entire Duchy. The marriage with Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia, would solve everything, but a crucial letter of hers about the engagement has been stolen. Besides, a bunch of revolutionaries and a dubious businessman have other plans regarding the Grand Duke. With the intrusion of adventurer Philipp Collins into the Grand Duke's affairs, a series of frantic chases, plots and counter-plots begins.

Um das Großherzogtum Abacco vor dem drohenden Staatsbankrott zu retten, muss der Großherzog Don Ramon XXII entweder einen Teil seines Landes an den Geschäftsmann Bekker verkaufen, der eine Schwefelmine aus dem Gebiet machen möchte, oder sich auf eine Heirat mit der russischen Großfürstin Olga einlassen, eine ihm gänzlich unbekannte Person.



Ehe man Ehemann wird  (1941)

Professor Hellwig is a confirmed bachelor. He is a music historian and lives only for his passion. He has no patience for the ladies and does everything he can do drive them out of his classes by being super unfriendly. Even at home, he will only let himself be served by a man -- Sebastian. Sebastian, of course, doesn't let the professor know that he's actually married. Elli Martens, a student, who has gotten to know the professor through one of his classes, wants to cure the professor of his aversion to women, because she can't stand to see someone happy (what other reason can there be?). She decides to use her womanly guile to ensnare him. Posing as a married woman, who lost her husband in an auto accident during their honeymoon, she shows up at Hellwig's house on a stormy evening, begging for help. Hellwig is repulsed and tries to get rid of her as quickly as possible (AMEN!). 

Professor Hellwig ist ein eingefleischter Junggeselle. Er ist Musikhistoriker und lebt nur seiner Wissenschaft. Er duldet weibliche Hörerinnen nur ungern in seinen Vorlesungen und versucht sie durch Unliebenswürdigkeit zu vertreiben. Selbst in seinem Landhaus lässt er sich nur von seinem Diener Sebastian betreuen. Dass Sebastian heimlich verheiratet ist, wird ihm aufs sorgfältigste verschwiegen. Elli Martens, eine Studentin, die den Professor in einer Vorlesung kennen gelernt hat, möchte ihn von seiner Marotte heilen, da sie es bedauerlich findet, dass solch ein prachtvoller Mann als Einspänner durchs Leben gehen will. Sie fasst den Entschluss, ihn mit List zu bekehren. Als verheiratete Frau, die angeblich auf der Hochzeitsreise durch eine Autopanne ihren Mann verloren hat, taucht sie hilfesuchend bei Nacht und Unwetter im Landhaus Hellwig auf. Hellwig ist entsetzt und versucht sie möglichst schnell wieder loszuwerden.



Der Tater ist unter uns  (1945)


A badly lit street; a car driving too fast; squealing tires .... a car crashes into a construction site. When the police arrive on the scene, the driver is gone. In the vehicle, however, the cops find film with photos of the almost worthless stock of the closed-down Motapa Mining Firm. The originals of the stock are in a bank safe, to which only selected employees of the firm have access. So who made these pictures and what is his or her interest in them?

Eine schlecht beleuchtete Straße, ein zu schnelles Auto, quietschende Reifen – ein Wagen rast in eine Baustelle. Als die Polizei den Ort des Geschehens erreicht, ist der Fahrer verschwunden. In dem Fahrzeug aber finden die Beamten einen Film mit Fotos der fast wertlosen Aktien der stillgelegten Motapá-Minengesellschaft. Die Originale der Wertpapiere befinden sich im Safe einer Bank, zu dem nur ausgewählte Mitarbeiter Zutritt haben. Wer also könnte die Fotos gemacht und sollte Interesse daran haben?



Leichte Muse  (1941)


The composer Peter Paul Muller is attempting to make a namer for himself in Berlin at the turn of the 19th into the 20th Century.  His wife Lisbeth supports his attempts.  He soon writes an operetta with a poet-friend of his entitled “Wie einst im Mai” and ends up with a surprisingly huge success.  He soon manages to become the director of a theatre, but with his professional ascent, his personal life soon comes into a crisis.  His liaison with a singer destroys his marriage.  His partner Gesenius abandons him because of this affair; and now, the theatre seems about to close.

Der Komponist Peter Paul Müller versucht im Berlin der Jahrhundertwende Fuß zu fassen. Seine Frau Lisbeth unterstützt ihn dabei. Mit einem befreundeten Dichter schreibt er die Operette "Wie einst im Mai" und landet einen Überraschungshit. Er bringt es bis zum Theaterleiter, doch mit dem beruflichen Aufstieg beginnt es in der Liebe zu kriseln. Durch Müllers Liaison mit einer Sängerin zerbricht seine Ehe. Sein Teilhaber Gesenius lässt ihn aufgrund der Affäre fallen, und nun droht auch dem Theater der Niedergang.  



 Grossdeutschland – Die Stadte  (1940)


Marvelous, large format, coffee-table photobook with 256 pages of photos of German cities -- including those cities annexed to the Reich in France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. -- including those no longer belonging to Germany, in beautifully large photos with accompanying captions in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish, where necessary.


 WWII German Map of Southwest Europe  (1941)

February 1941 map of Spain, Portugal, southern France etc.  put out by Perthes-Karten (Gotha) in 1:1,500,000, is in incredibly beautiful condition, with almost zero dirt, staining or tears (see scan!). Measures approx. 37  x  44.5 inches. 



current specials yellow.JPG



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