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IMAGES IN A CONVENT (Immagini di un convento) (1979) * with switchable English subtitles *

Joe D'Amato Paola Senatore ... Isabella Marina Hedman Marina Hedman ... Sister Marta (as Marina Hadman Bellis) Paola Maiolini Paola Maiolini ... Sister Consolata Marina Ambrosini Marina Ambrosini Angelo Arquilla Angelo Arquilla ... Guido Bencio Aïché Nana Aïché Nana ... Mother Superior Maria Rosaria Riuzzi Maria Rosaria Riuzzi ... Sister Giulia Giovanna Mainardi Giovanna Mainardi ... Sister Veronica Ferruccio Fregonese Ferruccio Fregonese Sylviane Anne Marie Plard Sylviane Anne Marie Plard Pietro Zardini Pietro Zardini Brunello Chiodetti Brunello Chiodetti ... Don Ascanio Donald O'Brien Donald O'Brien ... Exorcist

Artikelnummer: 5939


RAPSODIA SATANICA (1917) + DIE TEUFELSKIRCHE (1919) * with switchable English subtitles *

Nino Oxilia Lyda Borelli ... Contessa Alba d'Oltrevita Andrea Habay Andrea Habay ... Tristano Ugo Bazzini Ugo Bazzini ... Mephisto Giovanni Cini Giovanni Cini ... Sergio Hans Mierendorff ... Pfarrer Otto Werther Otto Werther ... Asmus, ein armer Bauer Agnes Straub Agnes Straub ... Ane, seine Frau Paul Rehkopf Paul Rehkopf ... Teufel Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Karl Etlinger Karl Etlinger ... Redakteur Fritz Falkenberg Fritz Falkenberg ... Richard Sanding Fred Immler Fred Immler ... Fred Croner Martin Knopf Martin Knopf ... Martin Helga Mjön Helga Mjön ... Evelyn Dark Leo Sloma Leo Sloma ... Jack Bully Vally Vera Vally Vera ... Mary Max Wannokowski Max Wannokowski ... Detektiv Rustan

Artikelnummer: 5941




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